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How I Became an Occult Practitioner

February 18, 2019

I’m interested in the occult because the Catholic faith got boring. I was not allowed to participate or to read the Bible on my own terms. My family, both coming from fascist countries and being authoritarian in terms of parenting style, didn’t let me quit going to church until 2002. That was when I said, I need my thyroid stable, which it got stable, and I said, forget it. I quit going to church. My family wouldn’t even let me be an altar server. But hey, I have come to realize an unmarried priest is the worst person to ask for relationship advice from.

Yes, the metaphysical stuff is interesting, even if I feel my abilities are crap. In my 20s, I was a functional alcoholic, so school took longer for me to pass because of my drinking habits. My roommates back then encouraged my drinking. The number of times I could have wound up in the ER, for goodness sake. Just flashbacking to that gives me sugar cravings. I’m interested in witchcraft because I was abused so much I was wondering what tools I had to protect myself, tools, such as binding, banishing, protection, or outright cursing. Cursing is the least popular among modern witches. Some of them do curse people to make them learn their lesson.

In modern circles, it is considered bad karma, however, to curse somebody. In the past, it got us into trouble, which is why we witches were burnt at the stake. Witchcraft beget much mischief. We were responsible for making men impotent among other things, because this is a real ability that many of us have preserved through the centuries. It is one way to tell a horny guy to cool off. But hey, who says witchcraft is not real, it is.

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