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Psychic Vision – Clairvoyance.

February 17, 2019

What makes me crazy about my psychic vision is that I have to see auras, as well as inside cars, buildings, and people’s bodies. Just like Smallville, that’s how it works. I was quite unable to watch Smallville for many years because it hit too close to home, which consequently would make me anxious as I have many overlapping anxiety problems such as OCD, CPTSD, and just plain old generalized. Schizophrenia can cause me untold anxiety, as I also have social anxiety. But see, I cannot be around overt hostility or covert hostility, which counts as endangering my health.

Psychic vision involves being able to analyze somebody’s health problem just by seeing it. I’m embarrassed to say I can do this but I lack focus. If I had proper training, I would be able to use it more but keeping my psychokinesis clamped down is an effort. I fixed a key that I had messed up with some PK, using a wrench. Somehow it is working again. I had somebody at my condo complex tell me how to do this once so I just decided to do it myself rather than ask my non-psychokinetic plumber to go to Home Depot.

I have to be wary of mail since it is “order extra strips” time at the end of the month. I’m trying to stay within the Medi-cal limit of how much income I can have. Explaining this stuff to my doctor rather scares me but it is relevant because my abilities cause me stress. Imagine hearing people’s pain but not being able to help everybody. I have to work on my magazine that I want to shove into the anti-medication people’s hands when they start preaching that medication is bad for you, it isn’t. The last thing I need is to be talked out of taking my medication.

It is about the only thing that keeps my abilities under control. Conjecture made me think that if the leak in a neighbor’s car is caused by a hole in the water thingy that you fill with water that’s housed in the engine, and routes to the windshield wipers, then the leak will eventually render that car unusable perhaps? I’m not sure how long it has. The thing is, I saw inside and it has a leak. So I said maybe it has a leak trying to pass it off as logic but I also sensed the leak in the thingy.

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