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My Writing Has Been Cursed

February 16, 2019

I managed to write a fiction novella for myself this year, but then I have tried to start an autobiographical story I want to publish under a pen name. I have some energy for that, but with my intestinal obstruction going on, and me feeling run down, I’ve decided to cut back on writing. In particular, I have decided to watch out for my Vocal Media writing, which I may get around to doing tomorrow. I finished all my copywriting for the week, and I’ve decided to give myself a break tomorrow. There is a deluge of work on the site anyway.

My non-fiction is not cursed but my fiction is cursed. I can’t seem to muster the energy to write fiction despite all the fan fiction ideas rattling around in my head. I seriously feel fear at opening fiction applications. I’m wondering what the hell that is all about as I deleted the person who I thought the curse came from. I’m just innocent and didn’t expect to take her curse to heart. I did. I need to kick it out of my system. I suppose curses only work on people with a conscience. I have one, don’t take advantage of it, as those ex friends don’t realize they fucked with me. It has fucked me up real good. This week, I plan on sleeping the whole night, and then managing my time perfectly if I succeed at sleeping the entire night. I can work for Rev, and HireWriters. I have plenty of writing income that could be coming in from a variety of sources. So yes, I’m working to eventually make myself significant income which means I will have to pay real insurance. Sigh. But then again, I will have money for school as well as certifications.

That’s when this blog will be used a lot because we have to get it through stigmatizing idiots’ heads why I take medication. You normal average people understand why. It is the only way to control my abilities. That is why I have to stay medication consistent or risk going out of control. You do not want someone with my level of talent out of control. This is why I’m not at Pantheacon this year. I need a break, and I need some space. So in which case, I’m taking this weekend slow as I’m meeting with Catholic Charities next week to figure out my work from home situation.

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