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Publishing My Non-Fiction Work On Bullies

February 13, 2019

I have a non-fiction book that is in the process of being formatted. I’m making extra money this month copywriting. If I had more energy, I would be writing more, but I’m dealing with stuff I do not want Satan (my mother) to find out about so my mouth has to stay shut right there. Bullies love to catch people off guard, as in my post yesterday when somebody did that but I was shielded. I did notice his friend told him to shut up. I also heard him say I’m a warrior-tard, gee, you just had to go there, since I’m epically frustrated due to not being in martial arts where I can release pent-up aggression in a controlled manner.

I also cannot job right now due to my knee injury. I can’t do anything athletic and that is pissing me off. So bully, the next time you slur me, shut your goddamn mouth. Bullies love catching you by surprise, because that is a maximum way to hurt your feelings. What makes you think that I’m going to take interest in you after you slur me, which means you’re an abusive personality anyway, which I saw about you instantly. So in which case, keep your mouth shut the next time you see my retarded face asshole. Oh does my 22q offend you? Does a specific facial feature offend you?

WTF is your problem? My book is already finished but that doesn’t stop me from starting a local newspaper or a tabloid style magazine where disabled people call out the people who pick on them, in particular organizations that pick on them. Thanks for my massive C-PTSD flashbacks. I already knew what you were going to say the second I laid eyes on you. Your friend pointed out my knee has a while to go for healing it but yes, that does happen. Asshole, I was born with a dysfunctional immune system that learning many energy healing modalities might fix if I can learn how to heal myself from illness faster. This newspaper will take the opportunity to slam bullies that are constantly confronted. Even bullies who take disabled people out into the community.

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