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While I was at San Jose State.

February 12, 2019

I may as well use my blog to slam people. Somebody might have slurred me by calling me retard-face. So this is his slam, because he was thinking that I was unattainable. Well, he’s right, he was black, and possibly ignorant about many things. So in which case, he would never succeed at getting into my pants. Ever. I say no often. My last relationship was not about saying no. Jealous fucker. Wow. I want to publish a newspaper someday where people write down who slurred them, where it was, and I think I was headed to the new building for occupational therapy. Ha! if I do the same routine, then perhaps I will see him again and try to intimidate him back. Witchcraft energy scares people. I know he was scared of that. Chicken-shit.

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