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Clairaudience: Psychic Hearing

February 7, 2019

My psychic hearing makes me crazy. It is yet another ability that causes me grief, along with other people’s pain as well as my own. When I decided to quit wearing symbols, crystals, and spirals, I saw that my physical pain grounded me in my body. If my knee injury totally heals, I might be able to get away with wearing them not at all as I like maintaining a low profile when it comes to my studies of the occult, or my witchcraft practice anyway. I don’t need tools. I know intrinsic magick. It all happens inside my head.

Every ESP faculty is just one more branch of basic telepathy or what is also called Extra Sensory Perception. I was born with all my abilities turned on. Every last ability was switched on at birth but I was a baby, and had my mother as a buffer. Babies are in pain a lot from the minute they are born, but mom has to help soothe them by rocking them or holding them in general. We clairaudients just hear things in our heads. We hear thoughts, feelings, and more. We get visions. I hate visions. I hate the entire thing in general. If I could take a pill or a shot to shut it off I would. At least temporarily when I have to deal with a crowd? I stay home a lot where I have shields. Being in a crowd just plain exhausts me.

Sanders writes in You Are Psychic, that psychic hearing is above the ears. Not at ear level. Well, for me it comes in through both. Or maybe I’m confusing myself to death. My abilities stress me the fuck out. I get stressed. I need my medication to be able to cope with that stress. The psychic community simply has to quit giving me shit about that. The temporal lobe is above your ear. Gods, I feel bad I’m that gifted. Like Clark Kent, I can hear through walls, but then again my paranoia gets the better of me and I start imagining what is actually being said. I have a way too paranoid, hypervigilant imagination from my CTPSD. Psychic hearing gives you intense verbal impressions. Yes, this is another thing that makes me anxious. My own power burns me. It aches to have it. My own pain and other people’s pain at the same time could cause me to black out or overload and then black out. I have only passed out at least twice in my life, once in Chile (from the shit from the powers that be), and once at Target because I was in the 300s and then 181. So yes, if I don’t get proper training soon, I see more fainting spells ahead, particularly when I go seek my sister’s birth certificates.

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