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Why I Need to Take My Medication

February 6, 2019

Nobody wants to be around a manic or delusional psychic person with my skill set. Would you like me to melt my metal screen door? I’ve already dabbled in that, maybe, but see that takes a lot of energy. It would probably make me sick, but this is merely an extrapolation of what could happen. There is a reason why I can only stomach a day of Pantheacon and that is the Drama Z Budapest rained down on innocent trans people who wanted to go to her ritual. Biological women only? Honey, I’m biologically androgynous. It means I’m both genders, and stuck as a female. Do you have any idea how uncomfortable my anatomy gets? You don’t.

I have to write a huge pamphlet to pass out to people. A magazine almost. Yes, it will be a self-produced magazine to shove into the hot hands of dumb people who will stigmatize me for no good reason. Oh, have you had untreated schizoaffective disorder until your 30s? Did your parents try to hide your own disability from you by not giving you knowledge about it? Were you forbidden from accessing information about schizophrenia at all? No. I need to maintain my emotional control since Buffy the Vampire Slayer got that right. The second you lose your shit, I used to be able to break glass. I had to lie about it and say I had knocked it over. That’s what a sleepless psychokinetic person does.

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