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When it Really Does Feel Like a Disturbance in the Force

February 3, 2019

On 9/11 I had a dream about the towers burning and then I see the same thing on the news, wondering how the hell I had a premonition before it actually happened. I had just started on medication in 2000. So by 2001, I had to figure out what a good night’s sleep felt like since I was starting to know by 2000 when I was taking Zyprexa. I had woken up feeling pretty good that day. The pain 9/11 caused was definitely feeling like a disturbance in the force.

When I sense somebody is conflictive before I meet them-I have learned that not listening to my intuition can be costly. When I was going to a guard card class, in 90- degree weather in the morning, I should have obeyed my instinct to postpone the entire ordeal. The man who taught the class seemed pretty bipolar to me. He let a guy in despite how late he had been. I saw favoritism. Then I read up on the company and realized just how bad the situation was because of the number of bad reviews on So next time I get a bad feeling, a disturbance in the Force style feeling I’m going to listen to that since the facts will come back to me later.

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