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Why I want to Speak Mandarin and Cantonese, which is totally crazy but probably something I can do.

January 26, 2019

In order to communicate with specific populations that do not necessarily go for mental health treatment, I’m going to have to learn these languages. Some are too ashamed of having a mental health problem or disability of any kind. It is somewhat a cultural thing that brings shame on the family in their minds. I want to learn Chinese just to better be able to help people who want it. I already speak decent Spanish from high school Spanish classes, even not on medication. Gods, high school was painful enough not being on medication at all.

Mandarin speakers abound in the Bay Area due to recent immigration situations that have cropped up in the last twenty years. I had a Chinese psychiatrist who spoke great English. Even mental health professionals get stigmatized just for helping people with bipolar or schizoaffective to begin with. The thing is, even psychologists have to deal with people who do not feel psychology is a valid science that works with human behavior. Psychology is normal, and autism doesn’t come from vaccines, it comes from genetics. It runs in families just as schizoaffective disorder can. Not taking medication for mental illness makes you a burden to others unless you can keep up the peppy, positive attitude front without anybody guessing how terrible you feel underneath.

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