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How to Intimidate Somebody

January 25, 2019

Intimidation is really easy to practice. A homeless bum demanded I buy her a cup of coffee. I must look nice to some people. She started hitting the board with the bus times on it, then threatened me when I took out my insulin pump. So I said that if you are threatening to hit me, do you want me to hit you back? She started trembling and escaped to the 22 stop as I was forced to take the 522, both of which are caught in downtown San Jose. The bum was asking me “Do I have aids?” Out with my insulin pump, and the last thing she wanted was to be hit by somebody smaller than she was.

Intimidating somebody else can be done using silence. I had somebody else try to barge in on me while I was in the bathroom at a Salvadorian restaurant in downtown San Jose. She stared at me while holding open the door. She was staring at my insulin pump. I looked at the toilet paper dispenser, but didn’t make eye contact with her, while covering up offensive anything with the toilet paper. Why she did that is beyond me. But some people find they are filled with jealous rage around me. This is bizarre to me since I don’t feel like I’m that attractive anyway. Why the hell should I care?

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