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Why a Person with My Skillset Shouldn’t Drink. Period.

January 24, 2019

Alcohol used to be my maturity go to. I was anxious and afraid I was more immature than I thought because of 22q. But then again, my medical records state that I’m a mature person in my age bracket, and that I do not have maturity issues unlike what my family would say. My alcoholism caused many a depressive fit. If I get angry enough though, I can break glass. This is why I need my medication. I have a half-assed memory of breaking a windshield in a car, and I have a person who could verify this. In high school, I was in so much pain daily that glasses would break on my nightstand but I’d have to lie and say I threw it. Many a glass can break the conventional way of falling on the floor like I did yesterday morning.

Sometimes I can make a shield around stuff so it doesn’t break. It is simply me extending my energy from my aura outward. But hey, I have to be near the object. If I’m 50 feet away, I can’t do anything. With changing the traffic lights, I have to be 150 ft in a car or bus away from the light. I can push a light button on the street but I need to be under the light in question that needs to change. It is a thing I have been able to do since I was small. My PK can break zippers. I didn’t attribute all my broken zippers to that but when I got a new bag this November, I went out with it, my PK turned on because I was stressing over something and it turned on. My zipper melted away, unable to be zipped back up, it was a pretty gold color too and the bag was military green but unfortunately, I melted stuff.

I haven’t had a key-bending episode in some time. Alcohol may make me more relaxed but I need to stay away from it because it makes me compliant. I’m a stubborn bitch but alcohol takes away my free will to say no, as it can do to many people. I was a functional alcoholic from 2001-2010. I have been sober since 2010. Psychics like me with everything tied into my emotional state, need not drink. Drinking as I did, able to drink two Guinness with dinner in 2006, didn’t really help. I mean I have a real, “I don’t have the right to be on this planet” complex, which makes my psychic shielding hard to do, if not impossible. Medication helps me actually shield. Without that I’d be screwed and unable to focus.

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