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What Needs to Be Done for the Non-profit

March 18, 2019

It is time for me to get my artwork out there. That might sell to raise money, even if I feel I need an art class, which I haven’t taken in a very long time. I also get plenty of art in occupational therapy. I need to buy more art supplies, so donations happily accepted but see, it is best to leave it at the post office if you live in San Jose. I stay hidden in the shadows. I would like it if you send me an email before just showing up. The post office is off of Blossom Hill and Cahalan. I’d rather you guys just drop stuff off there and stay hidden yourself if you need that.

This blog is one way to be half-way out of the closet I keep myself in. The broom closet, the psychic closet, and well, other closets. Oh and the South American closet since some people do not think I’m Spanish. I can hide my race indefinitely as I’m a morphing half-white person whose Chilean half is Brown. In my childhood photographs I’m dark brown. Satan, well, she didn’t know about Sunscreen. Since it is past daylight savings and we’ve had a normal winter, I need to use sunscreen daily. I have some waiting to be put outside.

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