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March 20, 2019

1. What results come from my 22q11 genetic deletion syndrome?

Hypothyroidism, schizophrenia, bipolar 1 with mania, hypocalcemia, and hypoparathyroidism. I’m not sure if my magnesium being low comes from 22q11 but it might be a result. My actual diagnostic label is schizoaffective bipolar 1. As in, I’m on the schizophrenia spectrum, the bipolar spectrum, and the OCD spectrum, which is also related to 22q11.

2. What is type 1 diabetes? How do I manage it?

Type 1 diabetes is an illness whose onset is early childhood and is characterized by a loss of pancreatic insulin cell function. It requires the use of synthetic insulin to substitute the hormone that stops being produced when type 1 diabetes is diagnosed. I use an insulin pump to manage it, which requires changing an infusion set every three to four days. (extra points for mentioning the insulin pump in your answer)

3. What other replacement hormones do I take (include doses)? And why?

L-thyroxine at 112 mg, which is synthetic thyroid hormone that replaces the hormone my thyroid won’t make anymore. Your thyroid regulates menstruation, your metabolism, and body temperature. One symptom of hypothyroidism is being cold a lot.

4. List all the supplements I take and why?

5. Where does insulin come from and why can diabetes kill you in 0 to 60 if you don’t have it? (stopped here 10/14/18

Insulin comes from the human body but is synthetic in origin. Diabetes can kill you in 5 minutes if insulin is not present. It is very deadly to do without insulin by whatever means necessary. Don’t worry I take my meds religiously.

6. Why did I cut caffeine from my diet in 2010? What types of caffeine are safe for me to consume? What types can I not have under any circumstances?

Caffeine makes me manic. Coca-cola with caffeine in it, is instant mania. I even react badly to decaf coffee, tea, or Coke. Caffeine that is safe for me to consume is chocolate in any form except chocolate covered coffee beans which is direct caffeine from the source, the coffee bean. I can’t have black tea, green tea, caffeine laced tapioca flavors at boba shops, oolong tea, red tea, white tea, and yerba mate is flat out dangerous. I can’t have coffee without being put in the psych ward for the first time. Hot chocolate is the safest type of caffeine there is for me. Mania is my kryptonite. It makes me pretty helpless under its sway.

7. What is mania?

A symptom of bipolar 1 and bipolar 2, in which there is a decreased need for sleep, when people talk more or feel pressure to keep talking more than necessary. It causes short attention spans from one minute to the next, grandiose thinking, delusions, and flight of ideas. When I get manic I move quickly and walk fast. Many others not me spend money foolishly. Odd sexual behavior is exhibited, along with an increased feeling of horny. There is also reckless driving, agitation and extreme anxiety. OCD in the mix means I think repetitive thoughts that have no basis in reality.

8. How does mania affect me personally?

I ramble. I have grandiose ideas. I talk too fast without pausing. I can’t shut up. I rant about inventing and business ideas. I talk to people about said ideas I forget talking to hence why my mania is a huge security risk for my business ideas. One wrong move and an idiot could take advantage of me.

9. What bone injury happened three years ago, March 7th, 2016 which was aggravated by what?

I fractured my tibia and dislocated my patella. A day later I dislocated my patella twice more. The tibia is a big bone in your leg that helps your knee bend. I fractured mine right at the knee where your knee bends. The injury was not caused by yoga directly but aggravated by wearing worn shoes. I now have new shoes to wear daily but the injury came from my old shoes that I was wearing a lot.

10. Describe hypocalcemia as the cause of the injury.

My calcium is low because I have hypoparathyroidism. Hypocalcemia caused the injury to happen since I was not taking a calcium supplement at the time of the injury. I’m at risk for other injuries give or take my calcium doesn’t go up. A year ago I was not taking a calcium supplement.

11. How does my schizoaffective bipolar aggravate my type 1 diabetes?

When I get paranoid or manic, my blood sugar runs high. If I get paranoid, I have highs upwards of 250 to 350. If I have a high blood glucose that elevated I manage to pretend diabetes doesn’t exist. Scary. I ignore it. Terrifying. I also get depressed or delusional if my blood sugar is that high.

12. I get mean when I’m manic.

13. Describe my insulin pump in one paragraph.

A pager-like device that is worn on the hip and is filled with three days worth of insulin in the reservoir. It continually administers insulin via infusion set which is a tube made of plastic and paper that is taped onto the site area. Basal rates are hourly to every fifteen minutes while boluses are insulin doses administered via a screen that has up and down arrows depending on dosage.

14. Define DNA. (Actual name)

Deoxyribonucleic acid.

15. Why should I never drink alcohol again?

It fucks up my social skills. It is truly fucked I drank so long from age 18 to 29. I quit drinking on my own with limited help. Eventually I just learned to say no. Let’s not get into how much I drank. It was considerable. I had a high tolerance. It severely impairs my social skills. The more I drink, the worse it gets. One drink can utterly impair my judgment. It can also cause mania. And that is why I do not touch alcohol anymore, period. I’m a recovered functional alcoholic. If anybody tries to get me to drink, then I assume you want to put me in the psych ward automatically.

16. Does untreated schizophrenia impair your IQ?

It is a heavy distraction. Once on the meds, it can improve your IQ as well as your attention span. Caffeine use does not improve IQ. If anything, it can fuck it up more. I have never in the past had a low IQ, nor in the present. That is a lie made up by certain people who will not be named. The best answer for this one is to say I have a high IQ, you know it, you see it, and you appreciate it.

17. Does being pigeon-toed as a child cause structural deformities in my legs and would that stop me from practicing yoga, tai chi, and martial arts?

This has yet to be proven. I’m pestering my sports medicine guy to MRI both legs. I suspect I have some problems. Like hell I will stop practicing martial arts. Extra points for knowing how many black belts I want which is four in four different styles.

18. What heart condition was I born with? What do my medical records say about it, which will be quoted below. And why do I not have symptoms in the present? Does this have something to do with my mother’s Munchausen by Proxy?

I was originally born with patent ductus arteriosus. The PDA was diagnosed at 2 to 3 weeks of age, by a cardiac echocardiogram in Spain. No other members of my family are known to have congenital heart disease. The PDA closed at 2 to 3 years of age. I do not have to restrict my sporting activities but I do have a pulmonary valve that makes for turbulent blood flow. As of today, my heart is wired normally. Be wary of what my mother says because she makes stuff up.

19. Why am I so goddamn anxious all day every day sometimes 24/7 and that gets better with my meds?

Anxiety is genetic. It is also a learned behavior that therapy helps you unlearn. OCD is also something I need therapy for. My medication today also helps me unlearn anxiety based behavior. For the most part, my brain is tamed with medication such as the non-habit forming buspar. Ativan made me a junkie. Xanax would have been the same thing. Buspar is easy to learn new behaviors on. It might also be a side-effect of hypocalcemia.

20. What type of medications am I taking and what are their classifications?
(all of it)

L-thyroxine 112 mg thyroid hormone, synthetic, I have to take ½ a pill and 1 pill once a week as a dose increase on a temporary basis.

Buspar 20 mg or more since I pop it to relieve anxiety.
Geodon 140 mg one of 60 and one of 80 – antipsychotic prescribed for schizophrenia. Or 120 because I have the right to raise and lower medication doses myself by now.
Lexapro – antidepressant, 10 mg for OCD
Lamictal – 25 mg at night.

Adult Gummies – 500 mg calcium Vitamin D 700 IU Phosphorus 230 IU
I need to add magnesium permanently. I have been not taking it.

21. I want perfect diabetes and an average of 135 daily.

22. Why do I want perfect diabetes?

I get wound up with glucose above 165 mg/dl. I want perfect diabetes, which would be as if I never felt diabetic again. I want to achieve total control over type 1 diabetes. I want to have an average of 135 mg/dl. I want to be able to eat whatever I want to eat too. I feel at my best when I’m 140-150. I want to make sure that diabetes no longer runs my life at some point in the future when I’m still alive but other people quit doing stuff for themselves. In all likelihood, I’m going to outlive everybody.

23. What counts as a high blood sugar that pisses me off?

Anything above 165 mg/dl because I correct at 165 mg/dl and I feel that I get wound up above 165. If I’m above 260 mg/dl in the middle of the night, I do not drive the next day. I use extreme caution driving unless I manage to stabilize by 6 a.m. I’m close to not needing to wake up in the middle of the night.

24. Why is using infusion sets for the insulin pump a huge calculated risk daily?

I don’t have insulin of my own so I infuse. I risk high blood sugar from the set not working but the benefits outweigh the risks of using infusion sets. Infusion is risky business, sure, but I like it, it causes me to already have perfect diabetes. I can be calm when I go outside the house because I do not have to obviously inject. Infusion sets for the insulin pump come in the mail for free right now because I’m low income but that all changes when I make enough money.

25. Do I need more OCD therapy than I’m getting?

The answer is no duh and self-help books take me so far. OCD therapy is all about managing the symptoms, the anxiety and not only do I have OCD, I have generalized anxiety in many forms. I didn’t grow up with medication for it so I had to live with extreme fear, anxiety, feeling like I was going to pass out from exhaustion, or just plain fear in general.

24. Why is using infusion sets for the insulin pump a huge calculated risk daily?

My infusion set can go down at any time. An infusion tube can fail leading to massive high blood sugar such as a reading of 475 mg/dl. The benefits of infusion outweigh the risks as is often the case with the act of taking medication as well.

25. Do I need to be in Bridges to Recovery mental health rehab in Los Angeles?


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