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Power of Attorney Part 2 Psychic Ability Questions.

March 21, 2019

Here is the Power of Attorney Part 2 post. This post demands a thorough read-through if you expect to pass the quiz. This quiz proves you really know me and that you really care.

Power of Attorney Quiz Part 2

Psychic Ability Questions

1) Why do I live by myself? How do my mental illness and general shyness impact my current living arrangement?

I prefer to live alone because of my ability to finish people’s sentences as a way of using my telempathy. I know instantly when someone is hiding their own pain, since it becomes my pain. I can’t have a roommate because my own pain from their pain would mean I’d pester them into talking despite how they may not feel like dealing with it around someone else, they’d rather deal with it on their own. So yes, I do not want to have a roommate who would get annoyed with my compassion for them or my ability to get them to talk about what is bothering them.

2) Why does mania turn me mirror-universe evil? How does it affect my ethical use of psychic talent?

Mania changes my moral center. I start doing mean things, I can yank trauma out of people’s heads and use it against them. I say mean stuff about everybody to everybody’s face while manic. This is why I take my medication, and am contemplating throwing acupuncture at it. Nobody with my skill set needs to be delusional about things. My ethics get addled by mania. I just get plain mean with truth warped just like my mother when she decides to be mean to me. So I take my medication in order to prevent becoming as twisted as my mother.

3) If I have a severe low, what happens to my empathic talents or anything else for that matter?

I can’t shield, I can’t ground and I’m a mess. Low blood sugar is messy for me to deal with. I should not heal people while severely low much less use telepathy. I can’t even bake properly when I’m low much less cook. My endocrinologist knows first hand about this as I said to her once “don’t bake while low” because I messed up my cobbler when I did that while living on my own in San Jose.

4) Why does pain ground me in my physical body when sometimes nothing else will work and this is why my knee injury lingers. I have found that pain helps me stay grounded, which is not in keeping with a stress-free lifestyle.

Physical pain helps me stay centered in my body. Although I get physical pain from being around untreated mentally ill people or people who are not grounded or taking their medication in general. Anybody who doesn’t take medication is dangerous for my mental health to be around. Pain does help me ground, more than crystals at some point. Somehow, I found I didn’t need my grounding necklaces of my crystals and my spiral when I got injured. Yes, some of you miss these necklaces, but I found I can ground myself without them. I don’t wear them anymore because I want to maintain a low profile.

5) How does psychokinesis get triggered by a low blood sugar, coupled with an intense fear of death? Severe lows scare me because I may not be able to suck it up and treat it if I do wind up passing out in my house, while living alone.

Psychokinesis gets triggered by a low blood sugar that scares me to death, which leads to a fear of death, even if I can suck it up with those lows, rarely passing out. I have passed out a grand total of two times. One was at Target in 2018, January, from a high dropping too fast, I recovered quickly enough so that nobody had to call 911 but not before I put my hands flat on the floor in order to break my fall. I passed out in Chile 2006 over Christmas because my parents demanded I take more insulin than I should. So it was their sabotage although I was willing to sabotage myself since they brainwashed me. Look for my book on that stuff, out eventually. Psychokinesis gets triggered when my body gets warm, almost fevered, and I either touch something or rant to Liz on the phone where I have bent a fork she was next to while I wasn’t even in the room but I was on the phone.

6) Do you have an explanation as to why my parents lied about my IQ for years while I was growing up? Hint: it has something to do with psychic manipulation talent, which I also inherited but that I use to keep people doing good things for themselves.

My parents have an ability to manipulate people’s energy. They can mess with somebody’s thoughts, and make them think specific things to their liking, as they are narcissistic, or worse. My mother once managed to get a medication dose off of a pharmacy technician in Safeway Shoreline back when I lived in Mountain View. This could have cost whomever cracked to tell her that information their freakin’ job. Wow. Just wow. I mean that’s when I figured out it is more than average brainwashing for them. It is truly a psychic talent. I use mine, however, to do good things for others, to help them with better habits for themselves. I know a psychologist whom I have talked into going to bed earlier in order to take better care of herself.

7) How are my physical disabilities related and how does psychic ability influence my health in more than one way? As in, if I heal people too much by giving away my energy, what happens?

Hypothyroidism is caused by 22q. It wasn’t treated properly until I was 20 once again. If I heal people too much, I could get ill with colds, or flus, or worse, the “tired” viruses, like mono, and in general, I could get tired. As in, chronic fatigue tired, too tired to get out of bed that day, unable to feel rested. If somebody feeds on me too much, this is what happens. I could get really sick from giving my energy away, which is why I’m only doing one day of Pantheacon, period. That is it. That is all I have the stomach for.

8) How obvious do I wind up having to make my psychic talent when I let my hair down? As in, the more time you spend around me, the more my abilities come out, which is why I avoid people, as in, I, avoid hanging out with them or talking to them.

My talents lend to making me want to avoid people who think things and feel things with a ten-foot pole. Why? Because I’m scared I can finish people’s sentences. No matter how much I try to reign that in, it eventually pops up. I mean I spend my life trying to manage my saucy smartmouth. My avoidance of people comes from having immense psychic talent, and being shy. I can read people, as in the case when I realized a friend of mine forgot her wallet when we went out. I saw it in my head before she opened her purse. So then I just paid for it because I was like, oh my god, she forgot her wallet. I realized it in my head before she opened the bag, which surprised the person who was running the cash register at the mall.

9) How did having untreated pediatric-onset schizoaffective affect my ability to heal myself and stay grounded since I wasn’t on medication as a child?

My schizoaffective really is linked to my psychic talent. Growing up, I had no idea how to heal myself. I attempted to use energy medicine without full training until I was in my twenties, because back then I had access to a Meetup group. My ability to heal myself is now more accessible and I can heal faster than an average type 1 diabetic. At some point last year, however, I had a cut from scratching my leg that wasn’t healing properly. I needed to go to urgent care for that, to get antibiotic since the damn thing wasn’t responding to topical antibiotic anyway. Thanks Narcissist doctor who pointed that out, which had a consequence of scaring me to death. Scaring me to death for any reason by the way, counts as endangering my health.

10) How does alcohol mess with me? Why did I quit drinking in 2010? Those of you in my A.A. groups would be able to answer this. Hint: I get girly, and easily manipulated.

Alcohol dulls the pain of my psychic talent. I can actually shield, while I feel temporarily good from the high. I get girly, and easily manipulated when drunk. I do whatever the manipulator wants. I drink more if requested of me to do so. My roommates Fall 2004 pulled this with me too along with hostile name-calling me a retard. Alcohol is something that someone like me shouldn’t touch as I have tremendous power but medication works to regulate it. This is why I do not post in psychic groups anymore. They just give you shit endlessly for being on medication, which is not something I can help needing.

11) Why should I embrace my inner sociopath when it comes to my ability to take pain away from other people? Empathy sucks. Why do I hate it sometimes?

When I get frustrated, and stuck in Vampire, Mule, or Healer Syndrome, I get aggravated I’m busy doing the work for people, and pray to be a sociopath for a day. I curse my kind heart. I really hate feeling overloaded, which is what could happen to me in a hospital although feeling my own pain will keep me grounded. Empathy is a skill that makes me crazy. I hate it, I love it, I know how to fuck people up with it. I know how to come up with somebody’s worst fear, in like an instant. I’m kind of like the fear demon on Charmed. He would try to get at people’s worst fear, and try to kill them with it. I can do something similar. I just love scaring people to death. I’m rude to enemies, and kind to my friends.

12) What happens to electronic devices due to telekinesis or psychokinesis? Why do phones drain or crash when I rant about my parents? What does this ranting have to do with C-PTSD?

Electronic devices mess up due to psychokinesis. I can be in line at the grocery store trying to use my fresh debit card, which is brand new but have it read “Chip Malfunction” because I’m agitated, stressed or pissed off at something. My home phone can drain completely because of my family, if I’m discussing them in particular. My cell phone drains like this also. But then again I can charge up my phone when waiting for the bus, and when I’m stressed out that the bus might not show up on time even if they really are working hard to make the bus more on time. They cannot raise the fare any higher than they’ve raised it to $2.50. C-PTSD triggers ranting because I have severe PTSD due to my whole childhood being an exercise in feeling trapped in a situation I could not get out of no matter how hard I tried to.

13) What happens to my abilities when I rapid cycle, and this is why I need my medication? If I’m manic and rapid cycle, why does this make my skill set dangerous for other people to be around?

I have rapid cycling bipolar 1, which means that I can change moods quickly. If caffeine or chocolate is the trigger that is, my moods shift after I eat either. Emotional abuse or abusive behavior of any kind triggers me into PTSD symptoms as well as rapid cycling. My skill set makes it dangerous for me to be around people who would be influenced by my symptoms or even outright pick up on them. This is why I need to take my medication every day. I cannot afford to hurt people with my symptoms.

14) Why does seeing the future suck for me? Why does it confuse me? Why do my premonitions of the future or the retrocognition of the past scare me?

Seeing the future means I can tell if anybody tries to plan a surprise party, well before I’m taken to it or take myself to it. Premonitions do not always come true, although I have seen people at Lucky that I saw in my vision of a racist attack on the light rail. Retrocognition happens to me when I’m in artifact museums. I can see the civilizations that created the artifact in my head.

15) Why does my eidetic memory traumatize me over and over again and why can I remember stuff word-for-word exactly as it happened? Triggering me thus becomes a very bad idea

My near photographic memory makes me remember everything I have ever seen, heard, or talked about and this is a heavy C-PTSD trigger. I can look at the Akhashic Records and see everything in there. This can exhaust me. I get depressed if dealing with my own pain or other people’s pain. This is probably why I need to be sedated if taken into a hospital for other stuff besides my knee. Physical pain helps me shield myself. I would like to be in less pain while shielding myself adequately.

16) What does a low blood sugar or a high blood sugar affect my talents either way my brittle diabetes swings me?

Lows make me unable to filter psychic information. High blood sugar makes me nauseated. I feel bad enough to want to throw up but I never quite get there. Lows make me panic and I feel like I’m going to faint but I never do. I don’t just pass out. It takes a lot to make me pass out as in Chile 2006. I can be 30 and still conscious. Hell, I’ve been 28 and still conscious. How do I stay conscious? Perhaps lentation, my brain perceiving everything as slowing, down, or an adrenaline rush, that makes me go, déjà vu or what the fuck?

17) Why should you never tell a psychic person with OCD that needs better treatment, your indiscretions? Why do I feel I need mental health rehab with my abilities in mind?

If I had treatment, concrete treatment, I would be able to deal with my OCD better. Just don’t tell a psychic who can imagine shit inside their heads that you had unprotected sex without a condom or back up birth control. I just realized how toxic a certain person had become whilst skipping her medication, making herself manic a lot, and in general becoming an unstable mess. Mental health rehab has to take care of my abilities too which means I need to train myself properly here, and in Los Angeles I have plenty more resources from true believers.

18) Why do I puke when overloaded? Success may trigger this or perhaps flying on a plane? Why was my cold not the only vomiting trigger with regard to my trip to Spain in early 2014? What happens to my shields when I get overloaded as in, going to a show? This also means I hate bars, clubs, and auditoriums. So then I ask why do I puke when overloaded as I did while flying January 2014 after one trip to Spain? Hint: extreme fear sets off this need to puke. Having no shields to speak of doesn’t help at all in a situation like this.

I puke when very stressed out. This could mean at a show, at an awards show, or in situations where I have to deal with my parents again. See, being around people with ill will makes me very sick. I mean I turn a ghastly pale color. I get overloaded flying with untreated people like my family. I can’t stand bars, clubs, and auditoriums unless with somebody psychic who can encourage me to discipline my shields. I puke when overloaded. Or get nauseated at least which is a sign to take my medication early. Throwing up is dangerous for a type 1 diabetic with schizophrenia because it would mean that I would have to go to the ER. I mean if I start throwing up it means having to take my medication again, and in turn, I’d just overdose which would lead to a huge crisis so it is best to call 911 if I start puking, period.

19) Why does my chocolate and sugar addiction trigger my psychokinesis?

A perfect example was the last time I went to Pagans In Recovery when I had two chocolate crepes. I come home, I discover my infusion set has failed, I freak out, it takes one whole box of infusion sets to get at least one infusion set in me. This cannot happen often. The needles were bending within my energy field. Heck, my insulin needles were bending as I uncapped them. This is terrifying. It can happen when my fear is uncontrollable. If I have life-or-death fear of death, as in, I’m terrified something may kill me. My doorknob in my garage has a bent lock. Well, the dent is the same size as my thumb because my PK turned on that day after driving, and getting out of the car. I can’t be in a car with PK on because my seat belt could melt. Right now, I have an intestinal obstruction I’m trying to heal myself of although I might wind up needing surgery. This is rather terrifying for me to contemplate. Yes, I’m addict who cracked and engaged in her addiction on the last PIR meeting.

20) What happens to me when I’m manic and very stressed out with no psychic shields around to protect me? Why does that mean I really need to take my medication in that circumstance?

This is not fun. Don’t ever assume mania is fun, it isn’t. If I have no psychic shields, I can’t think. I cannot be in a crowd. I have to hide from people. It is partly a reason why I live alone by myself. Stress can cause my entire shields to collapse. It is why I have to take my medication, and it is why I fear being under heavy stress. I try to lead a stress-free life in the present. I try very hard, ungodly hard, to not be too stressed out. If I am in total flip out mode, which walking into a hospital can set off, I cannot be alone. Hospitals are full of pain, mostly and as an empath, I’d be picking up on that pain everywhere. Telepathy makes it works, so telempaths should not be near hospitals although I want to study western medicine, and eventually I’ll wind up having to do my residency inside a hospital. Somehow I have to get this stuff under control. This is why I need to be asleep when transported to the hospital unless I’m in physical pain like I was for my knee injury in 2016, since I was in pain and my abilities shut off when I’m injured, ill, or very stressed and don’t want to risk sending my pain state to people telepathically. They do not need to know I’m in pain.

21) Why does my psychic ability spin out of control when I’m in extreme pain, and can’t shut out the pain or other people’s perception of the pain that I imagine they might receive? Why do I go into extreme off mode?

This can suck. This is what makes me suicidal, when I’ve had my fill of other people’s pain. This can actually kill me. I worry that I am dumping my pain into others when, in fact, it should be kept inside my own head. I go into extreme off mode because I don’t want anybody to feel it. I rarely pass out, as I did in Chile, over Christmas 2006, because of my mother and that was drama that we don’t need to get into, but it has to do with her Munchausen by Proxy, and wow. I go into off mode so as not to alarm anybody who talks to me telepathically. Remember, I’m shy. I’m painfully shy, I can’t even talk on the phone. I’d rather not. I prefer email or psychic link. If I’m around an actively suicidal person, forget it. I have to get far away from them. See, I can hear suicidal thoughts as well as see the person in the process of engaging. It happened to me with someone I had to dump for my own mental health because she got needy and toxic while taking advantage of me at the same time. A friendship like this can make me seriously ill. I give too much, and only feel better when I give too much, so that can put me into a coma or make me pass out. Thanks, no thanks, I only blacked out one time these last three years, that was at Target January 2018 when I had a high which dropped fast, so I fell over, and broke the fall with my hands using something I had learned in martial arts years ago. I was not in my body for a few seconds. I go into off mode because I feel exhausted all of a sudden. Chronic sleep deprivation can make me pass out or feel like I’m about to because I didn’t sleep well in high school and I was always feeling like I was going to pass out from exhaustion anyway until my OCD medication made a huge difference.

22) How long do you think my lifespan will be? Don’t you dare say 69, because that might be a type 1’s upper limit in stereotype. I’d feel guilty if I got a pancreatic cell transplant when I could afford one. Can a type 1 diabetic have sugar so long it doesn’t mess their glucose up?

Please do not pigeon-hole diabetics as those who die young. Hello, I want to be as old as St. Germaine, who was born in 1691 and died a suicide in 1983 under the name Chanfray. Some say he goes further back in time, as in during the time of Jesus when he turned water into wine. He might have been at the Council of Nicea in 325 A.D. So yes, I want to be a long-lived person since I don’t age that much but I have been finding grey hairs as of late.

23) Why I can I not be around excessively needy people like the ones I dumped two years ago?

I’m not needy, not excessively so because I can stand long periods of time by myself as has been proven by living on my own the last three years since my parents left. I enjoy my own company. I’m used to the idea that I will outlive my friends so it’s a good thing I can make friends easily. My blood sugar started to go wacko in the energy field of this excessively needy friend. When that happens, it means a person’s energy is messing with me and going towards all kinds of toxic. I noticed my time went to her, but she didn’t return the favor. So I realized I needed to dump somebody who wasn’t dealing with her own shit. She could not stare down fear, or talk about it to her therapist. Even if I went with her, the fact of the matter was that she justified her preference for troublemaking older men. Being around bundles of need scare me. I have to stay the fuck away from them.

24) Why do my parent’s energy fields combined me sick, kind of like green kryptonite does to Superman? Why does alcohol set off a similar response aside from making me puke if I ever drink again because I used to have a high tolerance?

My parents have ill will. They are both severe alcoholics. They don’t take medication for their disability that they both have but I’m the family retard. See, they have mental illness unawareness. So in which case, I’m screwed in their presence. I’m terrified of them as they could do stuff to me because of their psychosis. Alcohol would make me puke in the here and now. I’m the only one who recognized I was an alcoholic and did AA and Emotions Anonymous for a long time too. I have been in Pass the Rattle. I’m now in Pagans in Recovery. I know I have a problem, I’m a high tolerance sort and that gets scary because I get fucking dysfunctional. Now imagine how they behave and put the two together.

25) Why do my stress, pain, and fear become an energy form my parent’s want, and why does this cause me stress even when I send their crap back to them?

Yes, I’m into send-it-backs, and mirror shielding. I’m not the sort of person who thinks you should be nice to your oppressors. No. That is crap. If someone is an oppressive person they do not deserve fairness. No. Thanks Misty Rose. I get stress from feeling the pain I cause other people but hey, untreated people are in so much pain anyway, that it is hell to be around them. Yes, a telempath should never go near people who are in that much pain. Why? Because that pain becomes your own pain, and it is hard to be around sadists who do not treat pain.

26) What triggers my psychokinesis and telekinesis?

My psychokinesis is triggered by stress, anxiety, fear, extreme fear, OCD, and mania. If it is a combination of all that, you wind up like the lock on my doorknob in the garage, and you get a melted metal door for all your troubles. I cannot go near any jobs using metal, computers, or plastic right now because I do not have control over my abilities. Telekinesis even shows up at times because I’m livid about my family not taking medication. Extreme, compounded frustration is also a huge trigger for either ability. I’m a rapid cycling bipolar who in high school, blew up light bulbs as well as glass. The glasses on my nightstand would explode. I would have to make shit up about how it fell. My mother and her temper being in proximity to the glass object would set this off. I had these memories long buried. I once had an episode around a friend when we had a misunderstanding. I saw a glass mirror fracture. These are memories I have kept buried for a long time. Extreme trauma can set off broken glass scenarios for me.

27) Why do I want to avoid hetereosexual men and why is my future boyfriend who I have had dreams and visions of, say he’s asexual via psychic link? How is my own asexuality something I need to protect. This question also covers why I had to dump the ex.

If you’ve paid attention to my Facebook, you will know that my future boyfriend has a full name. Bonus points if you remember his name. He’s a second year law student at UCLA. He’s not a typical cishet and is into studying psychiatry like I do. He’s asexual like me, we share a skill set, and so he feels he will eventually meet me. Heterosexual men may be sex addicts if they are pure cishet, I fear them, and really do not want another guy who is not miswired that way.

28) Why do I get ill around anger and yelling? How does this reaction have to do with all the domestic violence I went through as a child?

Angry behavior reminds me of my childhood. I have a no-yelling at me rule in all business situations since if I get yelled at, I walk away. My parents scream non-stop when they are manic because they are both rapid-cycling bipolars who do not take medication. This means the slightest thing could set them off. I’m not thrilled at the way they take no medication. It bothers me, and I have to not think about it too much because it can trigger empathic OCD.

29) Why am I never going to talk to the filthy bitch that said suicide is easy for a Type 1 diabetic, as in “you have it easy,” that’s ridiculous. Nobody needs a suicidal type 1 diabetic. So I do my best to stay on top of things. You know what they do to a type 1 who is suicidal? Watch them constantly. This type of arrangement would make me lose it on the spot.

Yes, sure, diabetics have it easy to kill themselves. Not that I want to do this, because that’s ridiculous. To say this to someone who is also mentally ill is sad, and silly. Do you realize that schizophrenics should not skip their medication? They can’t. It is bizarre that people would even say this to me. I haven’t been suicidal in years even if it is a passing thought when I have sky-high blood sugars. Don’t be a dick and say this.

30) Why can carrying around other people’s emotional shit for them in this way could cause me panic, a coma, or outright turn lethal? Why can’t I not be a “I help people” addict? Why do I have to set limits on how many people get to deal with me on any given day? How do my abilities interact with my mental health creating a need for me to get 11 hours sleep a day? Sometimes it is 12.

I have to watch what I do, because of my knee injury. At some point, I didn’t have these energy issues from 2012-2016 because I was stable. Now with my knee injury as well as other injuries, I have to be careful with where my time goes. I can’t let people send me their pain because I cannot carry it around in my body anymore. This could put me into an unexplained coma, which could kill me. Sometimes being around people in pain sends me straight to panic attack mode but my panic attacks are treated properly by now so my life is no longer about extreme panic, fear, anxiety, stress, and untreated everything because I cannot afford to be in denial about my psychic ability any longer. I have to face it, acknowledge the fact it is real, and deal with it on my own.

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