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Power of Attorney Job Description

March 22, 2019

Power of Attorney Job Description

My power of attorney has to be someone who understands both schizophrenia and psychic ability as that works in conjunction with my schizophrenia. You have to be able to support my desire to engage in live-in rehabilitation at Bridges to Recovery, in Los Angeles or San Diego, as I need to make enough money for myself to pay for this treatment. I need to treat my mental health better than it is being treated.
The Power of Attorney has to be ready in case of extreme emergency, which means if I have the flu or a cold and start throwing up without being able to stop. This requires an ER trip or perhaps an urgent care trip.

I need a power of attorney that can look at lab results, is probably some kind of nutritionist, M.D., or psychologist. I have schizophrenia, bipolar 1 rapid cycling with OCD, and C-PTSD. I’m also anxious for no good reason, as I have had to deal with way too many domestic violence issues my whole life. The quiz is complicated deliberately and I’m going to grade it like a teacher to gauge who is genuinely interested. If I ever make significant income, I’m willing to throw out a stipend for the right person.

I’m supposed to get myself to the facility from the link below to see if I can begin to treat all my mental illnesses as well as C-PTSD. But I need to get my technical writing certification from San Jose State. Then I’m getting my MFA and journalism minor. I need to take online psychology classes for my M.S., and many of Foothill College’s transfer over to San Jose State. I also want a paralegal degree from De Anza or an accredited extension school. I need an ESL certificate as well, but that will come with enough money. I’m also interested in a history teaching credential I can earn at San Jose State, which may not be a good job for me because I’m trying to live a stress-free existence. You see, I have work to do, and I don’t have time for family disapproval.

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