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Power of Attorney Funny Job Description

March 22, 2019

My life can suck sometimes. I deal with constant illness on occasion. There are days I do not have the wherewithal to give people shit. Try as I might, these are the types of days that people kick me while I’m down for. People who formerly had the power of attorney informally prescribed, they were the ones kicking me while I was down. Some people like doing this to me for sport. My formal power of attorney is not to be someone who has done this to me. We need to get this notarized in front of a notary. Passing the quiz with a 95% or better is necessary to obtain my power of attorney in a legal format.

You also have to understand my psychic talents and why I need to take my medication in order to control them since they are directly tied to emotion. Pain can make me manic as shit. So in which case, you have to have a grasp on that too. Granted some of you have a snowball’s chanced in hell of passing the quiz. While others might view this thing as a personal gain kind of situation, it would seem that until I find my supposedly real sisters, I need a backup power of attorney spread amongst something like three people, just in case one or all of you are busy. If my sisters turn out to be real, then in which case, they will also hold my power of attorney. I’m the sort of person who says keep me alive at all costs until all possible solutions have been exhausted. You see, I plan on getting as old as St. Germaine. That gives me plenty of time to get a bunch of degrees. As it is, I’m academically frustrated, as well as frustrated in many areas of my life right now as my knee injury stays put although it is healing slowly as a type 1 diabetic might. I’m dealing with my shame of everything that makes me, me right now. So in which case, I’m okay by now.

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