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March 23, 2019

Okay, so now I have entered the three jobs mode. I work for an inclusive Christian magazine as well as my first non-profit, an outfit that does supportive work for teachers. I happen to know a teacher or two, I also happen to know that it is low-income and a thankless job that does not pay its people well enough. In this climate, there is no such thing as equal work for equal pay between men and women. This is why I want to work for that non-profit. I also write for Textbroker. My novella is going to wind up being like 15,000 words so as to publish it using my pen name on a fantasy genre website that also does pod casts. I also need to start a blog for said pen name. I’m using a pen name for some stuff because I don’t want family to know I’m publishing.

It really depends on the publication. But hey, I expect my family (Satan in particular), to respect my boundaries and not pry but they have trouble with that anyway. You see, my family is untreated. They view taking medication as a weakness although I had to fight long and hard to get mine, to remove myself from their narcissistic yoke. I take my medication because I’d rather sleep well at night than not sleep at all.

For Greyschool, I need to level up to Year 6 already, by finishing the final for my dreamwork class. I’m using that class to learn dream magick as well as how to sleep at night, the whole night. I woke up twice tonight, which is not so bad as waking up multiple times a night. I have proof now that I’m stable at all hours of the night. I’m most likely to sleep the whole night on Saturdays and Sundays because historically that’s when I sleep better although with my current lifestyle, I can sleep any day of the week, and sleep well. There are days I go to bed at 7 because I’m exhausted. I’m trying to cut out hot chocolate in the morning. I’m seeing if that influences my triggers for PK to not at all. Besides, for my type 1 diabetes I’m trying to cut out sugar anyway. I’m sticking to my guns, and trying very hard. You see, in 28 years, I have not been hospitalized again for diabetes anything. No lows, no crazy highs, I have stayed out of the hospital, period.

The non-profit gig will eventually turn into a paid job. I plan on sticking this gig out for like a year. I’ve unsubscribed myself from all job board messaging. I have this blog, which can earn money. I’m going to research those who have made significant income blogging so that I can do informational interviews with them, so for those who have made money, stay tuned for an email from yours truly.

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