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How Can Blogging Make Real Money?

March 24, 2019

When you monetize a blog, you may or may not be able to expect to earn real money from it. Some people live paycheck to paycheck, which is a prospect that rather scares me although that is what I do now, in the present, even with money from copywriting. I have decided that while my knee is still injured, and I’m not 100%, that I need to line up unconventional jobs or sources of income. I’ve monetized my blog since last year in March, and I paid for it myself again this year in January out of low-income. WordPress is a once-a-year fee.

The fee is $96 and I paid an extra $18 in February on the 15th, for some unknown reason. I wish for $10,000 a month, if I could only hope to make that much but for some reason I stay low-income. I can help everybody else manifest things but nobody helps me manifest money. Not even my own family. Affiliate marketing can supposedly earn $50,000 a month, which would be a lavish income for me.

Ms. Shroeder-Gardner has an affiliate marketing class I cannot afford that makes her $40,000 to $50,000 a month. I have thought about starting an Udemy class in which I rant about personal responsibility using only my voice not my image. For this I need a videographer who knows how to use graphics in place of an image of me. Advertising can bring in $12000 to $23,000 a month for her and she has managed to make under $1 million. Imagine what I could do with that kind of money? I want to make at least under $1 million or perhaps $1 million itself so I can make a down payment on my parent’s condo.

Here is another example of how people have managed to make money blogging.

I want to be that blogger that makes $100,000 a year from blogging if possible, since that is average income in the Bay Area give or take the fact this place is crawling with billionaires, or even millionaires, who are one step below billionaires. Apparently, bloggers make money from a variety of sources. Affiliate income helps bloggers make $1,000 a month. Even making $4,000 a month is something I cannot think about it my head. Even the possibility of me making $8,000 a month is something I can’t wrap my brain around. $8,000 puts me at $96,000 a year. If I publish my book on giving bullies what they deserve, it may make me extra money. I’d like to have some informational interviews with bloggers who make actual money. It’d be cool to see how I can adapt my own situation to make income like this.

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