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My True Career Goals

March 25, 2019

Okay, I’d spend years at UCLA getting my MFA, my Law Degree/Public Health Masters concurrent degree, Medical scientist degree and M.D. /PH. D in general. Yes, I also want to study archaeology more than my anthropology background, because it is a personal interest of mine. Yes, I want many degrees, and I will be using my law degree to serve as D.A. of Los Angeles, and later serve Congress in Sacramento. Who knows how I will integrate having a husband with all of this? I almost have a mind to say I do not need one. I will be busy. I’m an eat-sleep-study kind of person.

So before anybody in Los Angeles now who I will eventually meet, says anything, I do not like bars, clubs, or noisy auditoriums such as what you wind up getting at shows. Shows are crowded and they scare me. In which case, I’m busy avoiding crowds, because I need better shields despite the manual in my head giving me ideas. I have to go out with someone who has basic skills or even more advanced skills than I have right now.

I fear exhaustion which would drive me back to caffeine addiction. I’m kicking hot chocolate for like a month to see if that makes me feel better at night when I try to sleep more. I have worked on many addictions over the years. Los Angeles night life would drive me straight to alcoholism again. I’d rather go volunteer my time rather than engage in slovenly going after men behavior or getting drunk. I have to prevent myself from sliding into alcoholism, which is what some family with ill will would want. Nobody with my disability should drink, maybe, period. I have schizophrenia, the alcohol never truly helped. I was under the illusion I could behave maturely.

In the present, I have to sign up for some paralegal courses and online UC general ed as best I can. I need to put myself in rehab if I can make $1,200,000,000 out of $100,000 a month from blogging if that is even possible to make on a blog. My psychiatrist seems to have her brain wrapped around the fact that blogging can make you money. I mean I have to take English 1A and 1B over again at De Anza since Foothill and De Anza have different names of classes. I actually have to set foot on the De Anza campus and see a counselor as I want an A.A. in Film and Television for sure, first. An MFA at UCLA is very tempting as is an MBA. But see, I have to make concrete decisions and make enough money to be a full-time student. If blogging can do this, I need more help and have to line up some informational interviews with other bloggers along with me teaching others how to do the same. I have a B.A. in creative writing from San Francisco State University. I would like to become a television producer and work for Star Trek.

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