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What I know about the Stock Market

March 27, 2019

Money is something I feel ignorant about so I have taken steps to educate myself as to what a bond is. If I can make significant income off of my blog then I can get myself paid insurance and pay for all of my medical care on my own. But see, I like being low-income because it is less responsibility. I have made a list of stock I need to invest in:

Pzifer, they make my medication and I would pay $42.03 for stock in this company. Eli Lilly is another company that makes insulin, which I want to buy stock in. I’d be paying $129.63 as of today. Medtronic, however weird their customer service people are with their ableist bullshit they throw at me, that I have recently given them low customer service reviews about, is another investment I can make. Medtronic has dropped to $90.40 cents. This is something I could invest in if I had the money but I’m sticking with low-priced stock investments. It isn’t as though I’m making a move right now though because I’m doing my best to read about this stuff first, before I make a wise or unwise decision.

You see, mentally ill people have to prove their competency in the ways of money. Google stock these days is expensive, and is $1,178.72, having gone up since my first search, at $1,179.26. Stock is something that can make or break your finances. I also want a bond for $25 with Treasury Direct. See, my family didn’t plan ahead for this stuff. It is why I have no source of significant income and I live paycheck-to-paycheck, Target bill to Target bill. Netflix stock has gone down from $358.86 to $353.18. I’m no expert on stock because I have limited experience with this.

Paramount Pictures (VIACOM) has stock for $14.39 the last time I looked on my list of stocks I want to buy eventually. Google is crazy public company expensive. So I cannot necessarily buy this stock just yet until I make real income. Then I can buy it because Google is always doing well. It is at $14.11 and with the new Star Trek series coming out along with Star Trek: Discovery, the thing is that it could go up. Viacom is a huge company.

The thing is, eBay stock is worth $36.87 the last time I checked it and it has gone down to $36.86. Amazon stock was $1,761.85 when I first looked it up. Amazon stock is now $1763.26. I walked past the Amazon locker and saw it functional in downtown San Jose when I was there last. Abbott makes my test strips and my glucometer, so don’t get any ideas, strips are expensive as all hell and I get mine in on the 30th. Abbott stock is $79.96, dropping to $78.60, because it just decided to do that in terms of market conditions right now. I understand stock prices but not how to invest in the stock market. I might get myself etrade. I may even drag myself to my credit union and my bank to get advice.

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