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My book: “How to Give Bullies What They Deserve”

March 28, 2019

This book will eventually be out. I’m just waiting for it to get formatted as I have to pay the person who will be doing this for me some more in the near future should certain layers of extra income should arise. I’ve made some good projections. But anyway, I’m going submit it to this one agency that I found online. I’m also going to try to find more than one literary agent to use for a book like this. Earning my first publishing contract is around the corner. I may be able to succeed at doing this.

I have one copy of a 2003 Writers Market. Magazines arise, magazines fall, but the Internet is your number one resource when looking to publish a book. I guarantee you if my books are published eventually, I will be starting my literary empire. I have SSI coverage until that day comes. I know somebody will call me someday with a contract, if my books sell. Some people might suggest self-publishing again like I did with Opening New Dimensions. But then again they may see this book is ready for publishing. It is a huge teaching tool on how not to take bullying. I could add some stuff about not taking other people’s shit like I learned to do at work 2 Future. I quit second-guessing myself when I had to stand up for myself on any given day.

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