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Maybe Narcissists Can Change, Maybe

April 1, 2019

I once had a therapist who felt that narcissists could change. Narcissists may act like the therapy works but they could be lying to you as they are skilled liars. Narcissists do not necessarily change because they mean the people around them harm. So if you thought they could change, April Fool’s. I accept that my family would not change. I have to pretty much preserve my mental health by staying away from them as their multitude of lies can confuse me. They had everybody believing I have a low I.Q. Not everybody is as brainwashed by this as you would imagine. They pretend to believe them, maybe but nothing is more dangerous than a psychic narcissist who can manipulate people into believing something using their energy to do so. Psychic narcissists can talk people into or out of anything. I realize I’m not narcissistic but have inherited their psychic manipulative ability. I only use mine for good but they like using it to manipulate people into thinking things. And hey, I will eventually have money. So I’m going to trust fate, faith, and the Goddess in giving me an opportunity to make money.

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