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The Bully Who Called Me Retard Face, Continued

April 2, 2019

That bully caught me on a low-energy day, first of all since one huge X in my energy field screamed at him to kick me while I was down. (per psychic Cyndi Dale in a book called energetic boundaries). I realize now that not everything is my fault. I’m usually not at fault for shit that other people do to me anyway. I’m a truly innocent victim. There are extreme karmic consequences for harming an innocent person. I do not habitually wrong people on top of that. I don’t spend my whole life being a sadist who tries to hurt people for pleasure or personal gain.

In real life, and during the modern age, you see, witchcraft is all about personal gain. I’m an expert in unpacking bullying or abusive behavior as I can read someone’s intent as a psychic. I pick up on stuff immediately. I had teachers at Work 2 Future who knew that I was gifted last September. Eventually, my intestinal obstruction got painful so I couldn’t even go to class by bus. So I had to blow them off as me in pain is never a good mix with class stress although my left knee certainly gave me a lot to have pain for.

So that bully, I dare you to come to the classroom I go to occupational therapy in. Your reparations will be to pay me a check for $50 and put up with me grabbing your ankle and knocking you over as well as pushing you with my Chi. No big black guy with dreadlocks enjoys being pushed around. I’m going to hunt you down and make you pay. I will find you eventually, and you will have to put up with somebody much smaller than you pushing you around.

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