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Renting Out My Car

April 3, 2019

Renting my car using this company may be a great way to get an income flow going. I need to pay a visit to them anyway soon enough because I have to bring my filed taxes. My California state return was not accepted so I sent it again. Hopefully this time it will get through. Satan doesn’t have to know about things like renting my car out. Apparently I could make $321 per month. There is such thing as making too much money while being low income. I also have to go activate my phone when I get a SIM card for it sent by mail. All things will happen as I see magickal numbers everywhere. The goal is for me to make enough money to put myself into mental health rehab. I need to get myself treatment for all mental illnesses, which by now are treated with medication just fine. I want to get my anxiety under control. I can even get childhood trauma treated at this facility.

I’ve had work from home on-call experience before. I knew just from a feeling that the grant-writing people weren’t going to hire me. Sigh. Yes, I’m stressing over money but I am still copywriting on Textbroker and will look for more work from home online jobs. Flexjobs didn’t really work well for me. My job situation is part of a repetitive life pattern. As in, I keep not getting hired because of stuff in my own head. I’m a great candidate on paper. Hopefully someone will see that.

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