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They Wiggle their way Out

April 4, 2019

Sometimes magick doesn’t work, as in, on somebody like my family because it doesn’t work, period. Magick does not work on self-righteous people who really do not have a conscience. Curses are supposed to activate the energy body into creating feelings. People who have been cursed are overwhelmed by it. Divine protection does work except for those who are completely defeated, who have given up on even the gods caring about them. This is a dangerous sign that somebody is suicidal. You do realize that people who have survived a suicide of a loved one they are related to go through hard times.

Magick cannot cure a person’s desire to kill themselves but you see curses cannot work if you are an innocent since they go back onto the sender anyway. Curses do not always work for me, because mirror shields work better anyway. I’m surviving my usual low-income state, and I’m trying my best to survive here. The thing is, I pretty much want to sleep at night but certain forces in my family known as the powers that be are frightened by my success. Sleeping the whole night means that my family will fall apart as my energy will no longer service theirs as I’m mentally stable while they are not.


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