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Class and Race

April 7, 2019

We are all trapped in petty income brackets. Unless you have a side-gig going like art, making money online, or other businesses going for you, you have no hope of releasing yourself from paycheck to paycheck prison. Race has a lot to with this. You can leave a foreign country to come to the United State where you had power and prestige, only to fade into being a big nobody because here you start off on the bottom with people from your home country helping you out. Some of this makes people lazy to learn English.

On Ally McBeal, there was a storyline where Nell broke up with John Cage who was stuck in an elevator. She told him that she would never date a janitor who she considered in a lower class than she was. She was doing that to make sure she made partner and when she couldn’t, she left the firm. The Middle class uses college to get ahead. But college does not guarantee an ability to move up in social class. It is a way to forge through the class barriers on this planet but not necessarily the only way. To be middle class is nice because you can upgrade to upper class if you make money while finishing your residency for an M.D., and finding a better job.

You could start off cleaning houses but then move up through finishing your residency. There is a reason foreign doctors are expected to plough through class barriers. They succeed at this, sometimes. I used to live in Mission Excelsior in San Francisco. I did this because it was on the line 29 bus to get to San Francisco State. I lived in a neighborhood where people were definitely trapped in their social class. I lived with a nurse in a house owned by my roommates in that district, close to restaurants. I’d do the dishes for their daughter without complaint but she rarely did the dishes. I’ve had roommates who have been mean to me non-stop back then so I don’t live with anybody today because I feel I can’t trust anybody. I trusted two people who betrayed me, so I feel like I’m damaged and can’t trust any of my friends, people who are in my social class. I’m the lowest of the low, being low-income.

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