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April 8th, 2019 Equal Work for Equal Pay

April 8, 2019

The United States has been founded on the assumption that democracy is real and everybody is equal under the law but the glaring inequalities that exist make it otherwise. Women are lucky they get paid at all because minorities know all too well that a white person will make more money. We live in a country where freedom is an illusion. We are all trapped inside our class or income bracket. Some of us are low-income because I can get my medical care this way. Others do not have economic opportunities set aside. This is the era of the work from home job after all.

Some of us live paycheck to pay check as our job is our only source of income while the rich have the money. I’m going to try to make myself some more money if anything, because I feel I have more stuff I want to get done with my life that is not getting done, like my gardening and horticulture experiments since I have product ideas for those. I don’t suppose I can write a business plan for my gardening experiments. In Los Angeles, should I make money to be able to move, I’d be using the garage for indoor gardening as well as my land in that mansion I want to buy myself should I make billions to be able to afford such a thing. Equal pay for equal work is not something that exists for us in the United States but every other developed country including those in South America have it along with free health care. See, this is why we women have to start fighting for equal pay. We don’t get it now, and we will never get it until some female gets elected into office where she will meet with butt-head opposition from butt-head Republicans who are not in touch with their poor constituents who live off of social security, and vote for them blindly.

I want money so I can start my non-profit which I rant about constantly as well as to start scholarship funds for people with 22q, a free ride to any college really paid for by yours truly and anybody else who wants to donate like celebrities or rich people or whatever. This blog is one way to get in touch with me for that set.

I want money so as to make sure that paying for medical care is a non-issue and paying for the insulin of a friend of mine can always happen for her since she once ran out of insulin. I want to prevent that from ever happening to her again. We’re not going to say who she is but seriously, I want to help low-income people. I would also like to get my medical scientist, MD/Ph.D. without going into serious debt or paying student loans up the ass despite eventually making money. Why this very blog could make $100,000 a month, which I need to be able to pay up the ass for my condo here. To pay the lawyers I’d like to see is also something that is an immediate necessity. Hell, maybe James Randi would love to help out if I can teach him how to feel like a real empath someday since walking into any hospital if I’m not grounded or shielded is absolute hell for me. I feel physical pain from that. This is what I could teach him to be like someday. Equal pay exists in more normal countries than the United States whose health care system is ranked worst in the world. Not even female doctors get paid as well as their male counterparts. For a people whose constitution said “We the People,” and we have struggled to make things equal, things are not as equal as you may imagine.

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