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Changes to Our Work-Life Balance Structure

April 10, 2019

We working stiffs need a workday that is less than 8 hours long and a work week that is 35 hours a week. Stress causes damage to businesses. Long-term stress can really harm productivity when someone could be easily replaced as a drone. The human race as a species needs to change the fact that we do not get as much vacation time as we would like. The working world is designed to be very stressful on people with disabilities or if you survive working, innocents will wind up with stress related illness. The thing is, having to work is something that certain social classes need to do while rich people are snooty because they were born into money.

The glaring inequalities that happen on this planet are not something the 1% want to change. They’d like to continue having money but average people have many doors open to make money from real estate, to starting your own business, to working for someone else, and even blogging itself. If blogging can make me significant income, then I’m going to try. I have no idea how to make $100,000 a month from blogging but if it can happen, I will at least try.

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