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What My Family Considers Sinful

April 28, 2019

Sins in my family are defined as having money and not giving into their demands to pay up. Not drinking is also a sin, because nobody is aware that they have a problem, not even when the say they want to start drinking at the legal limit. Being happy is also a sin because I’ve been happy with them not around. A stress-free life is a huge sin, which is beset by my guilt that I feel good. Oh, that’s a silly guilt. Taking medication is also a sin, because I was expected to put up with my symptoms right and left and picked on while having them which is something I could not help while not on meds. Being at peace while alive is a definite sin because I’m happy enough to drive lately but my car battery is dead. I have to be in Zen mode, at peace, totally calm. Otherwise if driving makes me paranoid, I take the bus. Feeling good and being alive is a double-whammy sin. Wow. Just, two-fisting it with sin, eh? I’m alive. I have defied the odds many times in my life.

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