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Creative Writing: Current Writing Projects

May 2, 2019

I’m attempting to read Maya Angelou poems, and books in order to jump-start my fiction. As I’m both a fiction and non-fiction writer, I have the head for either. I need to write my short stories in A Perfect Copy world, and my fan fiction. I also have to write my poetry. Poetry is a lot of work at times but at other times, it can feel easy. Maya Angelou’s poems have occasional rhyming in it. While at San Francisco State, the graduate students forbade us to write rhyming poems. I need to read more poetry this year. I mean I got a C+ in my poetry class at State.

This was in 2006/2007. Creative writing is an intensive field. Literature is about telling a good story in which characters break rules, which set up the existing conflict. The act of story telling is about resolving the conflict in whatever way possible. Likewise, television is about watching the conflict from a distance. Conflict keeps life interesting, as without it, we would be bored. But too much drama is a bad thing for your soul and metabolism. Too much drama can make a person ill, from the trauma of that stuff.

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