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The Emotion of Pity

May 3, 2019

Excuse me for writing about something that nobody wants to talk about. Pity is a fact of life for many people with chronic illness and by that I mean self. Other people’s pity disgusts me and I don’t need it. There is a difference between pity and compassion, high school bully who made me not feel bad for myself or have compassion for myself. You see, I am extraordinarily hard on myself even today in my adult life. Self-pity is destructive for anybody involved with depressive fits. Mania makes you talkative if you are bipolar, while other depressions mean that you are struggling with real emotions.

Faking emotional problems like the high school bully did, is wrong. Totally wrong, and while my emotions were real, I was easily agitated because I didn’t have medication to still my thoughts. I’m sorry I wasn’t treated in high school but the blame for that can go to my family with Satan being unable to tell me they are wrong about anything because of their narcissism. Even if they did imply that they felt they should have gotten me medication in high school to make my life less difficult. Being hard on a kid does you no good. Somehow I survived desperation, the depths of depression, and much self-hatred back then until I hit 20 and got medication. So mote it be!

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