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Business Plans – VIPQ Enterprises

May 11, 2019

My big business idea is VIPQ Enterprises, the name is my initials, VIP, Very important person, Q meaning 22q, and Q on Star Trek. This is the name that I will file for an Employer Identification Number with as well as write a coherent business plan for all entities, has to be that I will manage to work on the subcategories. My business ideas are all on a huge list that I’ve organized. I’m trying to see what is done and what is not done. I’m otherwise confusing myself. You see, the Secret is all about visualization and belief. I’m trying to use the belief part, the belief that I really can sleep the whole night, for example. There are business plans that are finished and ones that are not. My psychic business name is the Indomitable Spirit.

The plan is to sell my business to somebody who can put it together although I’d keep the t-shirt business. I don’t know which ideas I should sell yet but there is much work to be done, my friends. I’m trying to focus on one item at a time. Yes, one at a time because otherwise I will get terribly confused because I’m trying to keep my head above water although it is nice to have stuff to get done, to keep myself busy. Busy is good for you but not too many things to get done all at once though. I’m doing my best to keep to one item at a time.

VIPQ Enterprises is my vehicle business for all the other subcategories. I tried making a list of stuff like Art, my PASS plan, and the psychic/witchcraft business ideas that involve me becoming a tarot card reader. This is why I have to finish because I want to move up to year 6. They have plenty of psychic arts classes and I’ve taken many a Tarot card class. I could post that huge Tarot paper on my blog perhaps to show I know the cards.

This is but one option for me in terms of my skill set. Becoming a professional psychic reader means that I can work my own schedule in terms of what parts of my schedule is good for me. I mean I’m eager to get back to school but not too eager to overload myself in terms of how stressed I could possibly get. Stress would pull me back into caffeine addiction as well as alcoholism. I cannot afford to get too stressed out. Yes and that is why I take Greyschool so slow is because I do not want to overload myself.

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