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The Secret and Why Pagans Don’t Always Buy The Crack it sells

May 12, 2019

The Secret is all about imagination. Manifestation begins with what you painstakingly imagine. If you have OCD, you try to have a perfect imagination. OCD means that you ruminate in your head over and over again until the scenario is just right. In real life, however, life is random. It is unpredictable. Just because I can read my own chart does not mean that I know everything that is going to happen to me. Sometimes things happen to me that are unexpected. I try to make my days predictable in order to manage my C-PTSD. With regard to C-PTSD, I have past life C-PTSD trauma that I’m sorting out too.

I get shit for being a nice person in this lifetime. For some reason, I get mistreated even when I’m kind but that is a very practical psychic’s idea that the X in my energy field is why I get mistreated for being kind. I feel bad about way too many things. No amount of imagining my life free of drama can help the fact that in the past, my family was the cause of the drama. Now they are living in another country and I’m drama free because I dumped two friends that were creating drama in my life. So you see, I’m not perfect either. Sometimes unexpected things happen to me. Pagans do not always buy the Crack because we believe in physically working towards something you want. We know how to earn things. We do not go, “I have sinned, forgive me,” having come from Christian backgrounds, some of us. We actually take on the work it takes to make up for something bad we do.

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