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My Take on Doreen Virtue

May 13, 2019

Okay, for starters, let me say that to my community, I do not up and change my religion because I was brainwashed. I’m a confused eclectic pagan who uses Western medicine, which some people don’t like. I use insulin; they apparently feel that insulin is bad for you, which is actually a totally ignorant misconception. Medication use is also a major ding that some morons judge me for. You do not want someone with my psychic talent types out of control, okay? You do not want that. Ever. Period. My abilities can heal people but I can also hurt somebody if I’m headed down an unethical slippery slope here.

I consider myself a Tibetan Buddhist and Gnostic Christian in addition to my growing curiosity on Satanism, the good kind, not the dark ritual kind, and well, my religious path doesn’t satisfy my family in Spain but it satisfies me, which is the only feedback I need. The Catholic Church used to majorly trigger me into having symptoms of every mental illness I deal with. It’d either make me depressed or make me manic. Doreen Virtue was a huge hero to many people but her conversion to Christianity has many of us startled.

If my Angel Card Deck is any indication, she really did not do many of us a favor by selling out. I do not rely on Tarot to make my life decisions, however. I try to make my choices thinking about the most logical course of action that will not make me a hothead depending on what I choose. Two of the biggest choices I’m facing are how to buy a new car battery for my Ford Focus whose battery is dead, and when to schedule my endoscopy. Tarot card decks are not necessary to use for something like that. Although it would seem that divination could resolve my perpetual angst about law school or graduate school, which one first?

It can also possibly help to have a good gut instinct on how to lay out the cards, as well as which cards to find and spread. This is why I will make my clients chose their own cards. It is about you, not me. So in which case, you guys can pick a card, any card, and lay it down. We will both try to create our readings between the two of us, not just me. Because the focus I have should be on the client. Doreen Virtue did change her mind, but I’m not going to just up and convert to a new religion. I study, I pick and chose, I learn, but nothing seriously converts me from one religion to the other because some guy or girl in that religion likes me.

Doreen Virtue has published 36 card decks with her name on it, according to Dr. Lesley Phillips. She has written books such as Angel Therapy, Divine Perceptions: Using Your Sixth Sense, and a plethora of angel books. I mean I haven’t read all of them, as well as books on indigo children that helped me through a muddle of confusion in my current lifetime, but in the past of my current lifetime. She cannot take back her body of work even as she writes new material pertaining to modern Christianity.

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