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My Insulin Ice Pack Invention

May 14, 2019

The last four years until this year have been nothing but drought for us in California. So today it is cloudy but the blistering heat can do things to insulin, bad things such as making it crystallize. In the heat of the moment when we lived with 90-degree heat daily, I thought to myself around four years ago, that I needed to invent an insulin coolant system of some kind. I worked with ice packs, and material that would help prevent the ice from leaking onto the pump. An insulin pump is a computer designed to infuse.

Infusion works a certain way, as you pre-program the pump to infuse a certain unit amount of insulin. The reservoir is a device that is similar to a bottle of insulin, and is 3 milliliters in depth where tubing is attached to the top. This reservoir has been designed to fit into the case. The 630 G model is big. This model alone is able to infuse non-stop. My idea is to put a bag made of cloth not the thick black material I had used as an early model prototype, but a sock, fill it with crystals that can soak up water and then stay cool, and attach it to the actual case that fits on a 630G. The insulin pump is a modern advance with this kind of technology. The insulin pump works great with its ability to make sure that I get insulin 24/7 even while I sleep although this can occasionally get uncomfortable.

My ice pack invention has a business plan attached to it, which needs to be made into a PowerPoint Presentation. SCORE has helped me figure out how I’m going to get this done, and what my priority is. I’m pretty much able to figure out what I need to get going. I have to do a presentation to the right people. I could use a lawyer for legal advice. Back when I had money, I paid for at least one consultation but I was not very organized, not as organized as I am today.

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