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How to Write a Business Plan pgs. 36-39.

May 16, 2019

For goodness sake, somebody click on this link. Yes, I’m aware of the fact it is a link but any little bit of money goes a long way.

The t-shirt business.

General Business Questions

1. What problem do I solve for my customer

Where to get humorous and quirky t-shirts.

2. Who is my typical target of customer?

3. How will I communicate with my target customer?

Etsy Website

4. What products and/or services will I provide? Are there any products or services my customers may expect me to provide that I don’t plan to provide?

Providing products for people who have mental illness or something to say on a t-shirt that’s made in the USA. Their phrase needs to be custom printed.

5. Where will my business be located?
Out of my home office

6. Where will I buy the products I need?
The Internet and wholesalers.

7. What hours will I operate?

I will operate 9:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. M-F with my other responsibilities in mind.

8. Who will work for me and how will they be paid?

My friends can work for me and get paid a salary.

9. Who will handle critical tasks like selling, ordering, bookkeeping, marketing and shipping?

Critical tasks such as selling will be handled by me. Other people can handle ordering, bookkeeping, marketing and those who can go to the post office can ship my t-shirts out there.

10. How will I advertise and promote my business?

I will leave links on my Facebook page and design a post with a link so that it can go viral.

11. What are the competition’s strengths and weaknesses?

The competition’s strengths are that they have more resources available to them than I do right now, financially as well a tangible resources that are more than just a working Internet connection. Weaknesses include not having as much of a commitment or a drive.

12. How am I different from the competition, as seen through the eyes of my customers? (Make sure that you answer this question from a customer’s perspective and not from an owner’s point of view.)

I’m different because of the content on my t-shirts. There is a reason the draw is my business name of “Easily on Etsy which will eventually expand into its own website.

Specific Business Questions

1. How will I keep abreast of customer performances in my field?

I don’t know the answer to this one.

2. Does my location have enough drive-by or walk-by traffic to support
my business, or must I rely on heavy advertising for sales?

My location is from home currently, with The Tech Shop being where I can print the quirky sayings that appear on the t-shirt.

3. Is it better to be in a shopping center with high rents and operating restrictions, or in a separate location with lower costs and less drive-by or walk-by traffic.

Not a shopping center, but flea markets instead.

4. How much inventory will I buy in comparison to my expected sales revenues? (This is a critical question in the retail field and deserves your close attention.)

I need at least 200 t-shirts to start off with, and made in the USA t-shirt ink.


1. Which product lines will I carry in inventory and which will I order as required?

Made in the USA white cotton t-shirts.

2. Will I carry accounts for my customers to work on cash only?

No? I’m not sure.

3. Are there any exclusive distributorships available to me?

I don’t know.

4. Will I have to market all the products myself or will the manufacturers have marketing programs?

I found Custom in a search and American apparel is out of business.


1. Does my manufacturing process create toxic or polluting materials?
If so, how will I deal with them and what regulatory agencies handle them?

Only the ink may be toxic unless I find non-toxic ink.

2. Is there a pool of readily available, affordable skilled labor where I want to locate?

My friends?

3. Will I make products for inventory or per order?

Inventory I suppose.

4. Will I make one product only or a line of products?

I will make more than one product and a line of products, such as specific t-shirt sayings.

5. If I succeed on a small scale, do I plan to sell out to a larger company or try to compete nationally or internationally?

Success to compete nationally and internationally because you know my cousin will be buying one t-shirt in particular that shall remain in my head.

6. Is my competition from small or large firms?

Competition from everybody with a t-shirt business.

7. If I plan to offshore my process do I have the knowledge and experience to accomplish that?

No, the process will be confined to California and the Tech Shop.

Product Development

1. Am I sure of the selling price of my project?

It is in the business plan.

2. Am I sure of my projected costs? What will happen if it takes longer than expected to complete and sell the project?

See business plan. I’m feeling a touch lazy.

3. Am I sure of the time factors? What will happen if it takes longer than expected to complete and sell the project?

I’m clueless as to time factors.

4. What portions of the work will I contract with others to perform?

The Tech Shop can take care of screen-printing a t-shirt. Not that I would work with the Ex.

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