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The T-shirt business Next Steps

May 17, 2019

I need to buy some more t-shirts. I have already test-marketed reactions. “Don’t give me shit about my meds,” was a huge success the last Pantheacon I went to because everybody kept their mouth shut. “Denial is not Just a River in Africa,” is a huge t-shirt that has had some success with people chuckling at it. The last time I walked around with the “Sober!!!” t-shirt I had people commenting. I shut out the comments though because it was neither good nor bad. I just ignored whatever the guy on Santa Theresa had to say to me. I was out in front of the library. I think I gave him the impression I was listening.

But anyway, yes, more t-shirts need to be made and test marketed. I also have to get t-shirts from a source of American made cotton, all because I need to start wearing them more. Made in the USA is hard to find because of China, and South American sources taking over our supplies. Here is a passable link I found on Made in the USA t-shirts. Or maybe this one: Made in the USA is expensive but something I want to start supporting more.

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