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I Know I Keep Saying I’m Close

May 18, 2019

I say I’m close to succeeding in winning the war with Type 1 diabetes. Diabetes no longer runs my life anyway since I’m busy setting up my basal rates. A basal rate is the average amount of insulin preprogrammed into your insulin pump that you would use in an hour. The rate is written out like 0.500, for example which is half a unit of insulin. Insulin is what a diabetic’s life revolves around. In order to be half-functional for my Ex, I had to stay up on infusion set changes. I’m close because I tested my 3:00 a.m. basal rates more or less and discovered it was way too high. So I lowered it to .375.

As far as having nailed really good numbers, I still have occasional high blood sugars. I have to be wary of how I ground myself daily because I need to make sure that my battery doesn’t run out. When you are a psychokinetic like I am, you have to be careful with how you affect objects around you. Glucometers run on a 2032 round battery. My insulin pump is a 630G model, that requires having an AA battery. This is bigger than older models of the past like the Revel. I appreciate infusion very much because it is easier than injections. You can have any kind of schedule you want, and you are not always dependent on insulin injections. When you inject, you have to eat at a certain time. If you don’t, you are screwed by a massive low blood sugar that can destroy your self-control. You have to clean out the refrigerator for a low like that. You could also pass out from a low like that. I mean sheesh. If you test at 50, it means that you have 50 grams of sugar in your blood. That is something that cannot happen because then you do irrational shit.

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