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Website for Psychics and Healers of All Kinds

May 19, 2019

My current business idea is about a social network/Internet video connection and shared Workspace environment that allows for collaboration. There would be a subscription when psychics and life coaches would join together to build up their practices. They’d also have a secure link for themselves and their clients. I want to set up a meeting filled with local psychics not only for this business idea but so I can pick their brain and figure out how to establish myself as a local psychic. I could program my own simple website, as I have basic HTML skills or I can just remind myself how broke I am, and use WIX.

I’ve been trying to advertise readings on my Facebook page but nobody bites. I’d set myself up as a medical intuitive, relationship reader, aura reader, and more. But hey, back to my business idea because I want to get people together with this meeting. I’d use the back room of the Denny’s out here to host this meeting. I’d need to borrow a computer with a projector. Psychics need to advertise their services in order to find good clients who can afford them. Life coaches also need to advertise, so some turn to Facebook, which does get pricey.

I would charge a flat fee for banners, and affiliate links being made, similar to Max Bounty, whose affiliate links I use in the futile hope somebody will click on it and make me some extra income. The psychic would have a profile they’d pay for, which would be a monthly subscription. Psychics of all kinds would use my website to get business. They’d keep all the money, while giving us a 20% cut, a finder’s fee. Clients would pay for a monthly membership and that would make our revenue. Each individual psychic would pay a monthly subscription as well, which would create more revenue for us. I would also be the webmaster, and take half-ownership of the company I’d want to make public eventually so that the average joe can find a psychic or lifecoach or healer.

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