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Rant to Kristina Sandoval

June 8, 2019

Honey, you cannot get the pity out of your voice every time you talk to me. What the hell is that about? I’m endlessly upbeat which probably annoys people. How many times have I tried to get the point across that you need not treat me with pity. My medication gives me a nice life of making sense, sleeping at night, and being a treated schizoaffective. Yes, dare I say the word, treated. I’m treated now hun, and you can join me in hating those who have spread lies about me. Do you believe the “I have a low IQ” crap?

At least mom went back to tell my teachers the opposite after the old man was out of earshot. I guarantee you mom doesn’t know my blog exists and won’t bother reading it anymore than she didn’t go see my track meets. I really should not have been doing such intense sports as I have knee injuries. All my genetic disability of 22q does is cause pediatric onset schizophrenia which is what I have. My parents ignored the need to treat this with medication for years. All I had was caffeine, alcohol, and chamomile tea as I did my job as a functional alchy.

This is stuff you should level at them, not at me. Cut the pity party crap because as ranted about previously, not every type 1 diabetic will die young, my life is not half over because I’m 38. I need to get that hernia out of me. I feel I need surgery. Medical intuition strikes again. Yes, I have real super powers that involve bending metals. You should see my garage door knob. You want proof? Why do you think that picture exits? My abilities do eclipse my disability since I want to be the sort of psychic that works with cops. I’m out to you in more ways than one. Haha.

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