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Take care With Your Witchcraft

June 15, 2019

We pagans face having to be careful with our witchcraft in the present. We cannot be irresponsible, as we were in the past with it. Magick is not about oppressing people, it is about giving power to the oppressed. Yes, sure, the “make a man impotent” trick has been around since humans first evolved on this planet. Witchcraft by itself is a tool. But you have to be very careful with it or you risk making yourself sick. The power can burn you if you are not tenderhearted. You cannot level mean things at people who do not deserve it.

In real life, magick is about personal gain all the time and even if I want to write a book about magick and social justice, which I can do in my sleep, magick is also useful for many different things. Wicca, the practice of witchcraft, and neo-paganism are the fastest-growing religion in the United States. Wiccans believe in the Horned One and the Lady, witchcraft is a series of occult tools for some others, and neo-pagans are people who study ancient pagan traditions while trying to incorporate it into modern life.

Pagans give up Christianity for the right to choose their own path. We rarely go back to Christianity unless brainwashed by attention from a cute guy. I’m certainly not going to change my religion for some man, or anybody else for that matter. Nobody can change my mind about what I’ve decided since my parents curtailed my religious freedom when I was young, and gullible. Magick can do you serious harm if you do not take care of yourself. This is why pagans believe that thoughts are things. We are wary with what kinds of thoughts we think.

If you have a mental illness, this goes double as your moods can affect the moods of the people around you, particularly if you are an empath or worse, a telempath, a person also capable of telepathy. We pagans believe in this stuff, we actively study it. Supernormal human abilities are not feared as we welcome it. One thing I know about myself right now though, is that in the immediate present I’m far too fragile to go to my coven. Sure my knee is better, but I have to take it easy because of the hernia that has been discovered. I cannot be in denial about this shit. It means lighter loads, not hauling heavy things around, and taking care of myself.

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