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Why Pagans Do Not Walk Around Converting People

June 14, 2019

This is actually a dangerous practice. I can’t stand pagan fundamentalists anymore than I can deal with a Christian fundamentalist. I believe in respecting people’s boundaries, period. An old ex-friend was like the Borg many years ago, as I was an innocent 12 year old with untreated pediatric schizoaffective. I met her at diabetes camp. We both realized we had a mutual interest in science fiction that girls normally don’t have or something, so we bonded. But the thing is, I’m sure that she caused me harm by introducing me to magick when I really should have been following my parent’s rules in terms of what religion to practice that I was allowed to practice.

However, my family was odd about meditation even which I was told recently does not interfere with the Catholic faith at all. Yes, she did me much damage introducing me to metaphorical spiritual power tools. Although she did educate me on what kind of psychic I am. I just wanted her to like me, because I thought she was interesting. Excuse my echoism, a non-narcissist who does not want attention. I really was eager to please growing up.

These days I please only myself. Its okay to put you first, not to run yourself ragged trying to fix other people. That’s codependency. I have learned recently that my knee injury is a lesson in patience, and learning not to overload myself. I was going to work 2 future with intensity, however, and this is how I learned what too much was. I’ve managed to figure out what was too much, as in, what works, what matters more. I learned how to sit in small classes, with proper psychic shields. I have to undertake mental health rehab in Los Angeles, eventually, while finally understanding what is too much.

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