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The Difference Between a Witch and A Pagan

June 13, 2019

As my life stands now, I don’t think I should participate in any group magickal settings except holidays, because I’m fragile. I might have a hernia, and the other theory is that I have an ulcer. So in which case, I’m too weak to participate in much, not even Meetup groups, and certainly not the Toastmaster group that meets at 7:00 a.m. on Wednesdays. Gee, I wish I could go to that group, if I have the energy. The heat wave made it hard for me to get much done unless it was early in the morning.

I’m too fragile right now to do much psychically, using magick, and well, to think of high priestessing period. A witch is an initiate. It’s a title that you have to earn. When you work with Deities, you think of the religious aspect of the Craft. Some people are pure magick users who want to use their magick to manifest things in their lives. In real life, magick is used for exactly that, personal gain. Witches these days are found everywhere, they follow moon cycles, and the changing seasons. Paganism is a religion and you see that witchcraft uses tools like magick. There are such things as Buddhist and Muslim witches as well.

But anyway, this hernia thing may require surgery. I’m prepared for this. My knee injury persists but is a lot better. And if any family is reading this blog, please make sure to not tell Zod because she doesn’t need to know. Not that she’s paying attention. She had to let go over excessive worry about my health problems. She will not know. The last person I want to see coming out of surgery is her. Period.

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