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June 12, 2019

Do you believe in magick? We do. But we do not walk around pressuring people into believing what we believe in. We don’t convert people. Others come to magick independently of each other. Magick is the source of all life. It’s kind of like the Force on Star Wars. Magick is the divine spark of conception. It is a powerful energy at work in the world as a tool to overcome oppression. Magick is all about life and death because magick is an intense power that can do either/or to you. It is why my introduction to it was not gentle, causing much drama in my family.

People back then who talked me into trying it out have no business interfering with my family traditions, in particular, how they required me to be Catholic until I was 18 or at least 20. I had many mental health symptoms in church as I had severe anxiety among other things like schizoaffective. When I was a child, I was not allowed to take medication and I got picked on for having symptoms. Imagine that, getting picked on for things you cannot help. In the present, that has somewhat begun to change, as people are less inclined to pick on you for things you cannot help.

There are many times in my past where my mental illness could have killed me. Or the alternative, which meant by my own hand, as I’m a survivor of untreated mental illness. Maybe my survival is proof God exists or something, because there were many times I could have died, in particular, from untreated type 1 diabetes. Magick is what kept me alive, magick and God. God is magick, magick is God, because I strongly believe that magick is linked to the creation of ideas, as well as my survival.

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