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Icepack for Insulin Pumps and Other Infusion Devices

June 11, 2019

I’m not quite sure how other infusion devices work but I know there are devices out there besides those that use insulin. Insulin is only one medication amongst other kinds. Infusion is a great way to deliver insulin if only because it works. Yes, sure, it is an incision into your body, which leaves a mark or a hole, but for some reason, perfect diabetes can be accomplished by those of us who infuse because infusion gives me a great quality of life I would not have on shots. Conditions that require infusion include cancer, congestive heart failure, congestive heart failure, heart conditions, Crohn’s disease, gastrointestinal illnesses, hemophilia, immune system problems and are not limited to multiple sclerosis, or others besides rheumatoid arthritis.

Home infusion is a great alternative to having to be an inpatient to receive care. The thing is, that we diabetics have trouble going outside on a hot summer’s day. Or being in desert climates. So I’ve have pretty much decided to avoid going outside when it was 100 degrees in San Jose yesterday. I had to. In order to protect myself, I had to be very careful with how I was going to deal with the heat. Today it will be in the 90s, which is tolerable for me.

My icepack prototype will be attached to the case I’m going to buy for my pump. I’m also going to sew up a sock that I use as my cover for now. With my surplus, I need to buy a new clip for my pump. But hey, I’m making extra money copywriting. I’m going to drop by to the office to talk to them about this, at the end of next week to see if I’m still in the limit. I feel strongly I need surgery for my hernia as some of my readers know from my Facebook page.

I bought water crystals that you can put into a cloth, and stick the crystals into water. The water then expands the crystals, which can then cool medication like insulin or other types. SCORE encouraged me to look at other medications that you can infuse with in order to make my product inclusive towards medications besides insulin. If the stomach cannot take medications given orally because it will destroy the medication with acids, then the alternative is infusion therapy. A sterile catheter needs to be secure inside a vein, sure, but the thing is, infusion with insulin happens by using an infusion set. This set is inserted into the skin using body fat. Muscle hurts. Just trust someone like me who has used infusion for like 19 years, as a way of staying alive the last 19 years of my life. Infusion is the only way I drive when I do not have a hernia in my upper intestine that limits me.

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