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List of Questions to Ask Psychics

June 10, 2019

Since I need help with some stuff because I’m not perfect although I do a great job of reading for myself.

1) How do I prevent my mother’s psychic attack in the middle of the night? Or for that matter, her psychic attacks on my infusion sets?
2) Why does my mother’s ill will make me sick? Yes this is a very heavy topic that may disturb you to look at.
3) Why does she like using her ill will to disturb me, and if you want to, you can talk about her narcissism?
4) How can I free my mother from my dad’s brainwashing? I don’t know whether this is possible or not but it may yet be.
5) Why does no amount of logical, and reasoning behavior work on her?
6) Why can’t my mom leave my dad no matter what people try to tell her to do so?
7) Why doesn’t therapy work on her but she is willing to listen to although she is willing to listen to but one therapist I’ve ever had, who is Dr. Natalia Bolsheva, my psychic therapist friend?
8) What can I do to get rid of the tape in my head that calls me a retard? Its embedded in every mental illness I have? And don’t say unfortunately I need my medication? Medication is a great tool that is one way to keep my PK under control.
9) How can I improve my self-esteem? I have tried everything, with some improvement. This is a curse from my dad.
10) Why is My Ex’s mother just like my family including with regard to her psychic manipulation brainwashing talent?
11) What is psychic level manipulative ability? How is it different from average narcissism?
12) Why do my spells, whether protection or not work on my mother?
13) Why is she so possessed by demons all the time? My dad got better, she didn’t when I did a payment plan to exorcise them. They have very weak psychic boundaries because of drinking.
14) What major health problem do I deal with in my solar plexus and 2nd chakra?
15) Will I need surgery for this health problem?
16) Why is my left knee still stiff from my parent’s energy?
17) How can I improve my psychic healing technique?
18) My shields are not always solid due to my mother’s psychic attack?
19) Why do my mother’s enabler friends can’t tell her she has a problem?
20) Why are my parents so good at using alcohol to hide their MI symptoms?

These are all questions to ask a psychic, whether in person or on the Internet or by phone. I’m going to try to make sure that my questions get asked, which is why I’m trying to make extra money this month, saving it for next month, and building up a pattern of savings. This blog can also make significant income mind you. Legit, significant income because I do not trust Craigslist as far as I could throw Craigslist these days. I’m working on that unpaid internship at Deliberate Magazine where I get bylines and experience on how to meet deadlines. I’m counting on my family being unaware that my blog exists. I have research to do, and work to do. So in which case, I’m trying to make sure I get this stuff done.

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