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Idea For Psychic Social Network

June 19, 2019

This is the main project that is linked to the phone application I want to launch. I want to start an Upwork/ sort of website for psychics, life coaches, writing coaches, and anybody self-employed. The self-employed person would be able to buy a banner. There are options to meet in person for a reading or to work on a collaborative platform online. I would like to provide means of paying my employees a salary, and health insurance, since psychics get none of the above. Psychics never get a salary, you see, we get paid per minute on other networks.

Some of us psychics call ourselves self-employed because we can work our own hours. A psychic person has trouble working a normal job sometimes. This is because we are gifted and other people are rendered unable to handle the talents. We can often guess what will happen or what someone else will say. I can figure out what people are going to tell me before they tell me. Sometimes, this might scare people but at least we are not living in a time where witches are burnt at the stake for having too much of an independent life not dependent on a man.

We psychics are in business for ourselves as we do not get a 401K. We do manage to scrape it together as self-employed people. Then again, wouldn’t it be nice to work for a real company that pays you in addition to the fee that other people will pay you. We would be like a web directory of sorts, although you have to realize I have many business ideas all the time. I have to write down all my ideas still, while basing my to-do list off of my t-shirt idea. I need to at least buy one new t-shirt and wear it. I need to print the Oye Loco t-shirt for example, or others.

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