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Fundraising Events For My Non-Profit

June 20, 2019

I have an idea for fundraising events, events where I show supernormal talents in exchange for people making donations to whatever charitable cause, or perhaps my non-profit. The idea I have involves using my chi to push people twice my size. This is something I’d like to go on America’s Got Talent for since nobody would believe that someone 4’10 can push someone bigger than herself. Yes, I’m tiny, but yes, I can hit hard. I found out about my chi in martial arts class. Also, many people at my schools wondered how I could lift heavy luggage, backpacks full of books, and survive on less sleep than I found out I need as we folks with 22q require more sleep than the rest of you.

I need at least 11-12 hours sleep in order to get anything done. It has to be consistent sleep. My fundraisers should also show real psychokinesis. Hell, I’m not like Uri Gellar in that I know how to fake the PK in order to perpetually confuse the shit out of people. I have it happen when I’m stressed. I also have it happen while changing my infusion set as I have type 1 diabetes. I’ve managed to change the shape of hematite in my hands.

What else am I going to have to do with these skills? Sure PK can stop an atomic bomb but how does being able to melt metal become a marketable career skill? Sure, there are other people interested in PK on Facebook whom I’ve met through groups. I hesitate to post in one though because I take medication. The last time I said that in a group full of psychics, they harassed me. I’m wary of this happening again. Get off all your meds and ground yourself? Seriously? This is something I hope somebody reported. I need to keep this stuff in check using my medication.

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