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My Hiatal Hernia

June 28, 2019

My Hiatal Hernia

This Tuesday, I had to go to the hospital for like, only the fourth time, with 28 years of Type 1-Diabetes of experience in which I haven’t been hospitalized for having type 1 diabetes. Sure, I was hospitalized for type 1 diabetes at age 10, and before that I had a palette surgery to correct my voice, at age 8, which is a 22q thing, to correct a nasal voice. But anyway, I have a hernia, a hiatal hernia, that was small but I feel is getting larger. I have to quit lifting heavy shit for one, like my garbage or even stuff like nailing my gate boards together. I’m not even sure I feel super comfortable driving right now so I’m using the Medi-cal free cab services.

Hiatal hernias cause heartburn symptoms; this means for sure that my hernia may require surgery. You see, I’m a very sensitive person who can feel the regurgitation of liquids into my mouth from that hernia. Hell, I can outright sense its presence by now. I spent years not having symptoms and I wonder, why I have symptoms? So I say it is my psychically attacking me mother who wants some heinous emergency to crop up.

I feel like my stomach hurts a lot with this hernia, which is why I’m doing the gastric emptying test. But hey, some stuff hasn’t gone to hell yet. My health is not in immediate danger. I’m not vomiting yet. But last night I sure as hell felt nauseated in bed lying on my left side. I’m trying to sleep sitting up since I hear that helps a hernia. I also cannot eat tomatoes, which is making me crazy since I like ketchup and barbecue sauce.

My hiatal hernia symptoms include belching and bloating but not as bad as when I had that intestinal obstruction in January. I was rendered unable to do much except read, watch TV, and go to therapy. I’m not in that much pain though, since I don’t necessarily feel the pain in my stomach. I can feel the hernia in my upper intestines. I’ve already lost the weight I need to lose though. I can’t have citrus or juices, which cause heartburn because I like orange juice. I’m contemplating how to spiritually heal my hernia, or use psychic healing or whatever. I also have to limit foods containing caffeine in it. I’m awaiting my endoscopy results.

My medication for my schizoaffective has a thing, with the way that I have to eat before bed since I need a small snack to take my medication with. This snack is a vegetable-based snack. One piece of good news is that I’ve managed to stabilize my blood sugar at 3:00 a.m. because I was 152 twice this morning. I slept 7 hours total again from like 9:00 p.m. – 3:00 a.m. I’m close to winning, so to celebrate I made myself churros.

I feel strongly I need laparoscopic surgery to kick my hernia’s ass. I flashbacked months ago to when I was 3 or 4 and Zod got told by the doctor that I had a hernia. What does she do? It doesn’t require surgery? I wish I had some kind of record to prove I needed surgery then. I don’t though. Hey, hernias are very treatable. I await endoscopy results.

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