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Hey, My Life is Not Over Dumbass

June 27, 2019

What dumbass thinks my life is half-over at 38? A former neighbor for one, because sure, my blood sugar was high while I was dealing with him, so I couldn’t get my wits together to say something scathing as I was busy eating lunch/injecting having to take care of my apparent set failure. Yes, I inject in public. I actually do not give a damn about what other people think, in particular when I whip out the blood-letting supplies as well as my insulin pump. I’m-like, think what you want, although when I travel, I’m a tourist so few sneer at me in Spain or Chile, my ancestral countries.

I wouldn’t move to Spain though. Over my dead body, would I move to Spain? We know this. Hey, I survived my endoscopy. Yes, I did. I was able to have a friend with me so I tolerated it as best I could. Sometimes I need more support than I let on, although, my friends truly respect my privacy because I need a lot of alone time as an introverted extrovert who has an extrovert button. When I spent too much time around other people, I get stressed out. I have to recuperate by myself, which is why I do not have a roommate. I find walking to get my prescriptions, stressful as a one-errand a day sort of stress.

These days, though, I’ve learned a lot about stress management. I’ve learned about how to have fun in life, and what Work 2 Future classes are too much for me. I’ve learned my limitations, how much medication I need, which is the higher dose I’m taking now at 140 mg of Geodon. That endoscopy experience proved interesting. I got fluids from an IV but that cut on my left hand is healing rather nicely. Super-fast healing for a type 1 diabetic who practices Reiki is another post, for another time. That Ph.D. will be in psychology to go side-by-side with my M.D. in psychiatry. As it was said by a friend of mine, we need more “crazy psychiatrists, ” lol. I’d set the bar real high for other people who need to take medication daily. I only have real friendships now because I’m medication consistent although it would be nice to see them in the real world more often, outside of Facebook. I wish my knee could allow me to go to entrepreneurship Meetups, and eventually the Toastmasters I found out here at Mimi’s Café, which I intend on going to soon as it meets at 7:00 a.m. Now that I can get to places early that is.

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